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Ya Dream Lynn Sasa2010-01-30 05:01:35 +0000 #1
He walked 800 meters (4 laps) sprint, and what secret do? For example: strategies to maintain physical methods, but also get Rank (I am running fast jogging are good, but sometimes the state is not a good foot You Diansuan result of the long running calf, coupled with the strong opponents are) please help out, and only 1 hour and pull! I should play tomorrow, pull! If the answer is well I'll give high marks !!!!( I have 200 points savings In order to give you a good way to my entire)
ldz198711062010-01-30 05:16:38 +0000 #2

middle-distance track and field sports of speed, endurance, fermented sugar decomposition of relatively high capacity requirements.

So, before running a break from the diet without saying.

Warm-up is critical.

You want to systematic jogging and stretching, duration 10 minutes, 50-meter sprint 1-2 group will quicken your heart rate, in order to accommodate game rate.

If you meet the criteria can be done, the proper use of royal jelly, creatine and other nutritional supplements may be helpful to the state competition.

Can be a single feet, bouncing in place in order to enhance the excitement of calf degrees, avoid suddenly hair strength, there must be an appropriate transition.


run when a certain attention to mastery of stride length and frequency.

Do not blindly chase lead.

To find a speed you feel left behind, not quite catch up.

If you are a professional athlete, should not have a start on the first run. Unless you are significant differences between the strength.

800 meters is a process of constant acceleration. If you feel fall short, they would rather uniform can not be opening soon, the final slow.

Turn accelerate or speed up the straight to see your personal habits.



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