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About 200 meters and triple jump consult

bother to express2010-01-30 05:01:47 +0000 #1
I am 19 years old. Height 176. Weight 160. Comparison of foot on the lower body strength. Bounce are relatively poor. Standing long jump is 2.6 meters. Single-hop should be about 4.5 to 5 meters. I would not do muscular endurance. Last year by 200 meters. Can not afford to turn a corner after the lift legs come. Results should be between 27-28. In April next year, would like to participate in school sports. Gao Ren does not know which to provide a detailed practical training program. I've never trained. The best is the 200 meters can improve to 24 seconds. Triple jump to 13 meters. If you feel that my physical fitness is also suitable for the development of other projects (in addition to throwing class) under the trouble to tell. I have the training time of approximately two and a half months (in winter training). Thank you, the
TongZi Tong2010-01-30 05:03:34 +0000 #2
I is to practice sports, practice is the 200 and triple jump, although the two projects is not a good match, but both can still promote each other. Big muscles, the practice two days a week like the general on Monday and four, we are without a break, and would like to make a success of have to suffer, and consciously. Monday could be a small force, 40 kilograms of the rod can bell, bow and arrow Kangshang do walk and a group of twenty paces, five groups, lunge jump, thirty times a group, 5 group, high leg lift, 3 10 meters of a group, five groups, step jump, 31 groups, five groups, each of these exercises should be a finished buildup, 10-30 m, to be run. There are waist abdominal muscles. Thursday should be great effort, squat, do not squat, squat will only thicken the thigh muscles become death, bad. Can be 80 kilograms, the feet shoulder width, knees, a Baidu so, slow down the faster, the need to lift heel from time to time, can be five to six times, and then 10 kilograms plus 10 kilograms quantity are reduced, although according to their own conditions regulating the weight of its own, we must do to protect, not hurt, each exhausted higher leg lift buildup. Beginning, can have to do squat jump, weight, not too big. There are ankle-hop, not knees, ankles hair strength. Tuesday and five can run the speed at running some short-lived, 100, 80, 60, 30, each running four groups, to fully running, winter cold weather is not He walked 30 and 60 of the. Finished waist can also be done abdominal exercises. Thursday to practice for the 200 meters, the main run 150 meters, four of one, two, can also be increased to three groups finished rubbing legs after going to relax, try not to bathe, particularly in Bath. Wednesday Bounce and physical exercises, high-leg lift, running stairs, jumping the stairs all four groups, stride jump, hop, step, together with a single cross. The four groups, each of about 40 meters. Saturday upper limb can be done, if there are indoor triple jump field to practice the technical movement, triple jump is more than to have bounce, strength, but also have good technique. Sunday to pull physical, long-distance running. Is one such, you have to according to their own situation, but you have to own a winter that goal is not to be able to go up, so to be hard.



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