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How to high jump, long jump run-up point?

275,488,4642010-01-30 06:01:03 +0000 #1
I find myself standing jump run-up jump even shorter than that, but sometimes the run-up jump will jump around 5CM than the in-situ high jump, but it is unstable! How to train run-up jump?
Violet xiao a breeze2010-01-30 06:07:04 +0000 #2
Run-up is definitely jump higher than the in-situ.

Each person's calf muscle is different from jumping ability are not the same, to improve jumping ability, first of all necessary to strengthen my calf muscles, calf muscles more explosive power is also strong. You can choose to skip the steps to do so is conducive to leapfrog calf muscle strengthening moves. Exceptions would like to add that, in playing basketball, the run-up relative to the opportunity or the opportunity to jump in situ less. There will be run-up to play fast-break opportunities, singles positional warfare is almost no chance when the run-up, I think some of the second take-off is more important.

Having said that, I do not know right you have the hope that useful to you Bar!
Who Doctrine of the Mean2010-01-30 06:08:24 +0000 #3
supporting leg muscle strength was not enough stimulation of the issue of the moment you have one leg take-off run-up should be supported by Tuiruan Sometimes I think a bit is this truth



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