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Training 100 meters, power problems

did not want to rty2010-01-30 06:01:34 +0000 #1
I am now 15 years old, lower limb strength training in quite foot, and, why, when running such a trial of strength with the bad

100 meters would not have access to a running vigor, and start time of special soft, special meat slowly ,,,,
mecejoe2010-01-30 06:06:44 +0000 #2
First of all do not know quite enough to lower extremity strength is what is respect, your question may be referring to the outbreak appears to force bar.

But the run 100 and run 50 different 50-perhaps thanks to an outbreak of running power, but 100 had to have lung capacity and endurance Cai Xing.

For example, our previous routine training in general practice will not only red 100,, but will train red 400,, 400 have been practicing when you washed handy when the red 100 on just a technical problem. .

So I think you should be concerned about the present should not be a technical problem, but the quality is still the problem, so you can practice very heart and lung function in multi-strengthening exercises, and high leg lift, leapfrog, 400 and 4x200 are the good practice, when you are being washed 400 can already be time to reconsider the 100 carried out by the technical proficiency to understand the comparison. . Otherwise, even though the technique can be improved but it is still subject to the quality, they will have the confidence to make their frustration, feeling why the technique will do it or unhappy, is not it not do anything themselves, and, in fact, everyone in the quality of are trained in about the same time to practice skills, and finally there will be an unexpected improvement. .
vvc Mu2010-01-30 06:47:34 +0000 #3
In fact, upper body strength is more important than the lower limbs of those sprinters look like a bodybuilder muscles of the upper body as if you have lower extremity strength of light uncoordinated therefore wish to make sure that upper body strength Enhancing bench press chin up and your Multi-bar waist and thought they refuel



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