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Outstanding performance in the marathon are

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Chinese marathon champion Zhou Chunxiu April 22 at the prestigious London Marathon in 2 hours 20 minutes 38 seconds to win the achievements and become the champion won the first Chinese player . This is a 27-year-old Zhou Chunxiu for the first time outside Asia to participate in the marathon. Ethiopia's former world champion Swami meters in 1 minute 7 seconds after Zhou Chunxiu arrived. Romanian gymnasts Thomescu - Dita come from behind, removed throughout the bronze medal.

Zhou Chunxiu marathon in 2002 and only started training in recent years, rapid progress in the Doha Asian Games in 2006, she Shuaixia Japan's more than 1 km, won the championship. In March that year the first Ermalasong race, she ran 2 hours, 19 minutes and 51 seconds, a personal best, but also in 2006 the world's second good results. This also makes her the seventh in history ran 2 hours 20 minutes barrier for female athletes.



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