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Relay (essay) 200 words

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relay (essay) 200 words
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refueling!加油! "Playground," Come on sound "loud. Behold, the Games of the 4 × 100 relay project is tense and intense manner.

In the fifth grade, the women's 4 × 100 relay. I, Yang Lin, Guo Meng , Yue Ding Dousoujingshen and ready to go, standing on their own track, students are on full alert for the audience. "black -" gun sound, and Yang Lin as the first stick player, like a runaway horse in the general Ben out. gallery cheerleaders cry, cheer would have been as the gunshots began to echo through the sky: "Come on ah! To win glory for the class ah! "It sounds overwhelming, break out. Some students jumped up excitedly, as well as the take off his red red scarf dancing, dancing ... ..., class teachers are anxious to win, and some tight frown, clench his lips , anxious straight stamping; some dancing arms, and loud cries echoing the cheerleaders; there is still verbose members spoke against what the ... ... really different attitude.

look at Yang Lin, and she clenched hands and ran to move forward. Gradually, she had some tired, fell the last. my eyes close watch on the Yang Lin Zhi Gougou in the hands of grasping the baton, stretched out his right hand, Zhang of the tiger's mouth, to the , came, nearer and nearer! edgy in finally arrived, I have a grasp over the baton, and then recklessly flew out. days! second rod how players have run so long detained? I extremely nervous, and my heart just like a deer in general, "bang bang" Zhitiao. I have teeth exert struggled, and finally more than one player to a junction, I quickly pass the bar to the Guo Meng. Guo Meng, like an antelope in general washed out, but at the rate of, after all, is limited, my class has dropped to fourth place, despite this, we still do not give up hope.

Shawn a! Yue Ding took the stick and accurately, as the "Scud missiles", as flew washed out. saw great talent she is like a master of martial arts in general, Shenqingruyan really worthy of the title is our year of sprint champion it, a short while more than two players. looked at her and ran, I was more nervous than he ran when the thought: Yue Ding Yeah, you have to refuel ah! make or break, victory or defeat on the hands of your hands in! approaching an end, Yue Ding live up to expectations, three-step and make two steps forward, make a final sprint, Xiangfengyiyang first rushed to the finish line. ye! we became the fifth year the women's 4 × 100 relay in the first 1! I really wanted to jump up and shout "We are the champions! "At this time, the audience on the boil. I have classes all the students cheered each other clap to show to celebrate, friends who have rushed to embrace us. The joy of victory, excitement, cheering voices, and in this moment erupted , so that the playing field full of vitality!

at critical moments do not give up easily, despair becomes hope! sports arena is changing as long as you have been working hard, no miracle will happen. Today, I deeply appreciate this statement out of meaning!



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