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Track and field 100 meters, single recruit school! High score! !

Aa2838415862010-01-30 08:01:40 +0000 #1
I 2010 Sports Health 172CM school track and field team, 67 kg, 100 meters high 2:00 Tabakari 10 seconds 85, but 8 months ago sprained foot, has been a break of 6 months to resume training. Is now 100 meters Tabakari 11 seconds 2, there are about 4 months on the sport a single stroke, and with 2-month winter training period can be restored to its previous state or to do than ever before! ! Now is not the training system, are often themselves practicing, hope you give me a sub-Gaoren training program. Also please tell me what the normal school newspaper is better grasp higher. I culture results will not be too bad. To 4 months have the opportunity to focus on Normal University, admitted to do /
Michaelyzt2010-01-30 08:12:39 +0000 #2
Hello, I had originally counted half a sports health, but did not you perform better, I Notes from the most 11.62 First of all training programs quickly, you practiced a warm-up track and field must be aware that a few steps, it goes without saying. Our teacher training student exam to be both a month and then relax for one week training on the strength of that Monday, Tuesday 10 meters, the last two to spare no effort. Wednesday overall quality, and leg muscles stretching, starting reaction time for the terminal point of grasping the probe, a number of details. Thursday is 10 100 and then adding stamina, a 5000 or 8000. Friday is the power coupled with overall quality. This is also vary, the teachers of the various students in different programs set, but generally it is the case, the specific and detailed how much longer do, you seriously need to write out, note down. You will be stronger than the original, because you are only a few ah high 85 on 10 seconds, and has been a considerable level, and miracles often occur in people like where you are. But, after all, you have class, not "pure" physical health, so arrange the time, or tired, do not want to write a job. There is also the problem you have in college,, East China Normal University, Southwest University, Central China Normal University, Nanjing Normal University, 211 projects are in Normal ah, we have a lot of special schools, practicing track and field recruit, because there are too many athletic achievements in learning No, I was in Hebei, but you say you should not be too bad results to show that you still have confidence. Health and sports like you who are not on the priority to?
King City, Peng2010-01-30 08:31:07 +0000 #3
first to assure it does not hurt more powerful is not realistic, mainly because you can retrieve the status of 10 seconds 85 hours of training on the trip is only part of the means and methods such as I race I was training for what type of player I However, a game are not very excited to be able to fully expresses its own.

I suggest you at this time and thought the absolute speed of more than 30 m 80 m

Liaoning Normal good. I wish you luck -
zlxwsw2010-01-30 08:20:10 +0000 #4
Now horizon, a cold, it was difficult to pull ligaments, should pay attention to, no activity can not do strenuous exercise before the opening, 100 meters attention is explosive, the former 50-meter run with the legs, after 50 meters is to use "hands" to run, that is, in the post when you should pay attention to arm 50 meters, crossing the finish line when the net to keep the body lean forward
j32609002010-01-30 09:23:20 +0000 #5
Yes, you have very good results, and a two-month winter training back to you The best competitive state is entirely possible, but to depend on your training program and the injuries of



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