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ask you to answer specific, thank you!
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Germany does not Leixilaxi Lord
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Germany does not Leixilaxi Lord
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(1) • Terry Fox

was born in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada Bo City, later moved to British Columbia with his parents live. When 18-year-old suffering from bone cancer, made his right leg amputation. Receiving treatment in hospital, when they saw the children suffering from cancer, the suffering, determination of cancer treatment and research funding. April 12, 1980, Terry Fox • St. John's Newfoundland province, his fake leg immersed in the Atlantic Ocean a bit of water, and then began his long-distance running. His original plan was to across Canada, every corner of the 10 provinces, and finally to British Columbia, his false leg and then dip the Pacific Ocean seawater. However, September 1, when he went to Thunder Bay, Ontario (Thunder Bay) near the time, because the spread of cancer, physical deterioration of the situation, was forced to withdraw. He actually ran 143 days, more than 5300 kilometers, with an average of about 40 kilometers a day, roughly equivalent to a full marathon. In 1981, Terry. Fox annual international charity run (TERRY FOX RUN) also known as "Marathon of Hope" (MARATHON of HOPE) was born. Today, the Terry Fox Charity • jogging activity has become the world's largest cancer research fund-raising activities in a single day. Be regarded as "Canada's national hero" of the Terry • Fox, when he was without some nostalgia to A Farewell to this world, he should be met by it, because of his courage, he left to become the world's precious heritage, and his last wish is beginning to achieved; but whether he would have thought, named after his righteousness to run all the way to hold on until today. Terry in 1980, said: "If you donate one dollar, you are part of the Marathon of Hope." Now the world has more than 60 countries held more than 4000 times the activities of jogging activities, fund-raising is over 3,6 billion U.S. dollars.

(2) China track and field history, the creators - Snow

2009 World Championships in Berlin, the Chinese athletes snow in 2 hours and 25 minutes and 15 results in the final a game in the women's marathon champion harvest, not only is the second World Championship Chinese team won only one gold medal and also a marathon runner in the Olympics, World Championships and other top-level competition which won the first title. The 14-year-old girl from Heilongjiang began to run a marathon, she was on this project has a rare talent, in the gold that moment she happy to describe the snow humble after the game said that she had lucky element gold She also can learn more things, "I am glad that I can win the title, but this title a little bit lucky, because some of the top players did not come to play," Snow said, "I have a lot of room for improvement, as soon as possible to catch up with them. "snow attributed her win she learned how to relax," I have been able to win because I have to remind ourselves to relax, everyone is concerned for the world championship race will have a lot of pressure, everyone wants to to bring it gold, which intangibles will increase very heavy pressure, this is my first world championship competition, I look forward to the world's top players with the game, I just told myself to relax. "Snow said. "Last year I was not very good preparation for the Olympic Games, I am very bad state. But all gave me encouragement to support me, I am very grateful to them, then I came back the state. In the training before I came here very good, I am very confident of their own. "crossing the finish line end result is displayed as 2 hours and 25 minutes and 15 seconds, the snow with his 2 hours 23 minutes 27 seconds, the best results is still some distance, but that does not prevent her to create China track and field history. Snow - a new star was born, she was good at running a marathon, and she is now the youngest world champion, and she in 2003, Marathon had ran over 2 hours and 37 minutes and 14 seconds, it was she was only 15 years old. In the last 40 kilometers, she Yishuai hat, and she said it was her signal of victory on the race distance and the weather, Snow said: "Of course it is very flat, although there are many games turning to local needs, but If you have had hundreds of times before the training, which is nothing for you. As for the weather, humidity, I think China is now one of the hot and humid time, so it is not a problem. "gold medal in the 1993, Qu Yunxia was 3,000 meters gold medal winner Wang Junxia aspirations to 10,000 meters, 1,500 meters gold medal after Liu was the first woman, a middle-distance gold medal.

(3) The peculiar spring marathon runner to 1983 in the United States in Portland, Oregon City Marathon, there is a named Linda, women pushing baby carriages completed the entire route by the audience's warm welcome. The young women are sports fans, but because no one at home caring for children, had decided to participate in the competition with their children. Throughout the race, her baby slept most of the time, and his mother ran with relish. In October 1982, New York Marathon, the United States had suffered a polio women Linde • Tang, participated in the marathon on crutches, and eventually to 11 hours 54 seconds results finish the course. In the more than 10,000 participants, the Linde, although the slowest one, but her spirit is admirable, and she won the respect of all the audience. She said she main purpose of competition is the ability to Paosu test yourself, the fact that we have the determination to do anything we can do. When the 25-year-old Don Lind • cane panting went to the finish line when the earth had been sleeping in the darkness, and the audience patiently waiting for her to reach the terminal, and challenge yourself to share with her and win the joy of victory . August 23, 1981, in the Canadian capital Ottawa, at the Fourth International Women's Marathon, there is a 80-year-old woman Ruth • Rose law to 5 hours 39 minutes 58 seconds finish the full marathon. Ruth had suffered from chronic arthritis, the action was slightly inconvenient, her 66-year-old began to participate in long-distance exercise. Ruth the first time in 1967, Boston, 10 km race to the finish line to finish. Since then, she was exercising every day, old age group has participated in a running race. In her 80 years old, able to run more than 40 kilometers in one breath, it is rare in the world. December 11, 1983, a man named Sugimoto Hiroyoshi blind in Japan, participated in Honolulu, Hawaii in the United States held in the city marathon. Sugimoto blind can not see the line, relying on a runner with a 50 cm long with a rope pulled him. In the long-distance race the way, he fell several times, but he was not frustrated, and always sticks to. Eventually Sugimoto Hiroyoshi to 5 hours 2 minutes 24 seconds, ran to the end results. Sugimoto Hiroyoshi though a blind man, but he was very interested in the marathon race. That he went to the United States made a special trip from Japan to Honolulu, on the one hand is a marathon race the other hand, with the tournament organizing committee will convene to discuss matters relating to international blind marathon runner. In Sugimoto Hiroyoshi Thanks to the efforts under the Osaka, Japan in August 1983 was held successfully in Japan for the blind marathon runner of the General Assembly, there are 200 people took part in that Conference. Sponsor Sugimoto Hiroyoshi said happily: "I want the facts have proven that blind people are able to run a marathon, which will increase all the world's blind courage of life so that they can live to be more confident and happy."

(4) Portugal the greatest woman - Rosa • Motta

in Portugal, if you ask random passers "Who is the greatest Portuguese woman"? May be many people the answer is, "Rosa • Motta." Maybe you did not point the impression of this name, but I also like the fact, Miss Mo Ta humble, is only 1.57 meters tall, and weighs just 45 kg. Which is this petite woman, Portugal, the first female to win an Olympic gold medal. June 29, 1955, Rosa • Motta was born in northern Portugal's Douro River beautiful and rich, one impoverished families with many children. Parents, children's discipline is very strict, especially for this little girl, when the Catholic Portuguese society is still very traditional, discrimination against women in sports outside. The Rosa • Motta health sex move, at a very early time Jiugen the brothers and sisters behind the run around outside, and he has been criticized by others. Portugal was also not made before the Olympic Games gold medal, especially in women's events, has never been entered the top three. When Rosa • Motta grew up more later, realize that they run very fast, and since then her little head on the set itself an ideal: she wanted to take back an Olympic gold medal for the motherland. In support of their parents, they then have at the beach, in the streets, a thin and small stature, hair kept its short run with the children, many of them even confused about her gender. The ultra-short hairstyle Luoshamota has also been maintained until today. However, in the traditional Portuguese society, Rosa • Motta and in the pursuit of career encountered great obstacles, to join the club of its economic embarrassment Porto life difficult, conservative people to the same vision and ridicule, the club's showing hard ... ... but only in the hearts Rosa • Motta silently said to myself "I want the traditional challenges." As a tenacious woman, Rosa • Motta appears in the face of difficulties are extremely excited that people involved in sports for girls are biased, then I insist on going to crowded places practice; club said I could not train well , then I trained to single out some significant achievements to them. In fact, Rosa • Motta is a long-distance running talent, according to the analysis of biological experts, Rosa Mota • The percentage of slow-twitch fibers is particularly high, which is a result of long-distance athletes, the majority of shared characteristics. In addition to physical advantages, the iron will and a cool head, but also Rosa • Motta advantage. Her running is not the use of physical self-advantage, but a sense of self-running, she is not aware of their own muscle fibers, but the run up ease, tireless. Rosa • Motta's growth of the road is bumpy, and in Porto, she just entered the club, the women's marathon has not yet passed in Portugal, her main attack project is 5,000 m and 10,000 meters. Short stature to her had a big obstacle for the progress, until the 20th century, 70's, women's marathon breaking a taboo subject. One day, has been like other clubs, like pairs of Rosa • Jones • Motta biased pizza (young and experienced long-distance training) stood in front of Rosa • Motta Since then, she was no longer in the dark, a man desperately groping She found their own projects, as well as a strong supporter of his. In the long and hard training, Rosa • Motta was finally ushered in the fall of their own harvest. 1982 European Championships, had participated in 3,000 m race Rosa • Motta at the recommendation of the interim coach to replace the marathon, do not want is to win in one fell swoop; 1984 Rosa • Motta attended the Los Angeles Olympic Games and won a bronze medal ; 1986 • Rosa Mota to European Championship, two World Championship gold medals back to the Portuguese; However, she did not have his own career high point, still waiting. 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, Rosa • Motta finally the first woman, an Olympic gold medal back to Portugal. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games before Rosa • Motta accepted an interview with Chinese reporters. She said: "It has been a long time in 1988, but for me it is still fresh in our memory, recalling the time the game ran into the stadium, won the gold medal, I heard the national anthem, for me and all the Portuguese who are a kinds of great honor, it is hard for me year round training in one of the best cumulative return is a unique, can not use language to express feelings, is an incomparable joy. "
(5) who are charged with long-distance race different energy Kenyans

we are all accustomed to the Kenyan players in the world's major long-distance competitions, won the first prize in the television broadcast images, also often see 35 or more Kenyans in the long-distance race participants before the team lead. Kenyans will be able to long-distance running is not only a natural phenomenon, and there is a certain degree of scientific basis. The first is the living environment and living conditions, because the relatively backward in Kenya, people's living conditions very difficult. Formal harsh environment and poverty to enable Kenyans to cultivate a gritty, hard-working spirit. Kenyans will have to develop a small "love running," a good habit. The majority of 14-17 year-olds away from school because of family transportation is not convenient. School should be running at least 6 miles, and some 12 miles, school is the same. In such a journey, at least half of the distance up to 5-8 kilometers an hour. Body oxygen consumption can reach 95% of maximal oxygen uptake. Many Kenyans are running a very early age to go to school, in addition to cost savings, it can also exercise the body, the road environment, hills, basins, paths, hills gave them a good training environment, inadvertently learned a sustained method, transmission method Wright and law training methods such as jogging. Kenyans in the ratio of height and weight and more suitable for long-distance running, distance running projects in Kenya has plenty of talent pool every year there are some new faces running from Kenya. The various tribes in Kenya, the Karan Gold tribes are better in the long-distance running. The tribal population of less than 3 million, accounting for about 10% of Kenya's total population, but 75% of the long-distance running in Kenya is that they live in honor. This data may not make you wonder, in the past 10 years, the world's 40% of the men's marathon winner had been in this tribe in the bag. Is generally believed that Kenyans living in high altitude, poor eating habits and to explain Karan Jin tremendous achievements in the long-distance running, but it can not fully explain the long-distance running ability Karan Gold. They have in particular with the long-distance running genes. Karan Gold is an internal tribal marriage, generations living in the plateau elevation of 2000 meters above the mountains to grazing livestock for a living. They have a special custom is to raid other people's cattle River. Karan Jin attacks are often running hundreds of miles of other people's livestock,Then as fast as the animals back to their own homes. In such practices, there is no good endurance and speed can not defend their property, and its long-range strike in the number of animals are also capable of making his run. Lived in villages, the number of livestock owned by a man determined he may have the number of women and children. The importance of this raid can be seen, so some people believe that this practice has played a role in genetic selection. And studies have shown that black body and muscle type and function when compared with other ethnic groups there are certain advantages.

(6) the runway of life

Have you ever heard of Pete - Stradwick person? Born without hands and feet, but to become a marathon runner. Up to now run a total of 4 thousand kilometers. Do you know how to Stradwick ran the Pikes Peak elevation of 4100 meters do? That the world's most difficult, but a marathon race, not to mention that he has no arms and legs. Is very simple, when he was running among the body's reaction to tell that he has exhausted and can not rerun down, he would continue to cheer himself to insist on running down the information sent to his nervous system, with a view to reach the target. In each person's life, will have one or more major challenge, at that moment the whole person to be tested thoroughly, as if Heaven ill-treat us, then our faith, belief, patience, compassion, perseverance forced to almost abandoned or simply abandon the state. Some people were adopted by the other tests to become brave and others have been destroyed. More than you ever thought of, when people are faced with life's challenges, what is so different people have different reactions? Why do many people can ignore all kinds of difficulties and live a happy life? While others live in despair all day long, cynical, depressed life? Some people can be successful, because he was able to consistently maintain the aggressive state of mind. This is the difference between success and failure. Life is good or bad, not help the fate of the decision, but by the people's beliefs to decide. We can look at things with a positive frame of mind, you can also adopt a negative frame of mind. Think, if you have been in the all-powerful state of mind, what would you do something? Life is like a runway, a circle and then circle, if you want to dash about in life on the runway, then no matter what, we must stick to, like running the same time insisted on not going, and then adhere to adhere to grit one's teeth, you will break your their own limits, to make you easy to see a new realm of

(7) Ehewali - 2008.12.29 persist in the end as a marathon runner, John • Stephen • Ehewali (John Stephen Akhwari) did not achieve What a remarkable achievement, but that he took part in the Olympic Games represent the motherland. Mexico City Olympics in 1968, he was on the marathon, in all the 75 contestants to get the first 57, while the exclusive behind the players withdrew for various reasons. In the long-distance running expert after another in Africa, which Suande Le what? But even the bottom of who did not have the results have been louder than a lot of the reputation of the Olympic champion, broader, deeper long-standing influence. Even four decades later, still unforgettable. His name was engraved in the Olympics Who's Who in the Beijing Olympic series "Hero's Song" has his shadow; his hometown of Tanzania, a "John • Stephen • Ehewali Athletic Foundation," High-speed operation, and where the family was poor, while the potential of the track and field sports Emerging Artists provide financial support; French "Equipe" was rated as the "bottom of the most beautiful person." Seems faster, higher, stronger purpose contrary to the Olympic, but received such a high honor, in the end he did what? In 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games for the first time on the plateau summer. Special geographical and pleasant climate make this Olympic track and field competition climax after another, as the Beijing Games, the record is refreshed frequently. However, the marathon performance on the much more limited. At that time the winner scores 2 hours 20 minutes 26 seconds 4, more than two Olympic gold medalist, "barefoot marching" Abebe Bikila • Tokyo Olympic Games in four years ago, created by the poor performance on a big cut-off. This situation makes the marathon by the journalists and the audience cold. Routinely read the award ceremony, the venue have been other projects within the game finished, they exit the ones and twos. More than an hour later, standing on the marathon route service to inform the Organizing Committee after the receipt of the withdrawal, then got a surprise for all the news: There is a player was still running! The player is still running Ahewali. His start in less than five kilometers after the fall due to collision, knee injuries, shoulder dislocated, but he has not given up, but limped to continue to the finish line ran. Gradually, other players are out of sight of; gradually, in the street on both sides of the crowd slowly dispersed cheer cheer; Gradually, the sky growing dark ... ... all of the people think the marathon is over. The firm ran the Ehewali feels that his own race is far from over. Is a half-hour later, the sky had been black, Ahewali still persisted toward the end of orientation. Pain in his jogging was even smaller than the ordinary person's walking, knees bleeding, mouth twitch in pain. I do not know when a "Delta Sky Illustrated" reporter relied on over, with compassion and wonderingly asked, why knowing that there is no chance of winning, but also so hard to run down? Perhaps some people did not think would concern themselves Ehewali silently and "run" for quite a while, suddenly and firmly replied: "My country sent me to Mexico City, in order to not just let me start, while the I went to finish. " Journalists have been deeply moved, he told his own magazine, made a draft, then immediately manuscript back to the Olympic press center. Ahewali answer a short while on the radio echoes this in Mexico City over the world's most populous city. Many people have already arrived home from the roadside, they shouted, moving toward its own people. Ahewali dragging leg, with the enthusiastic encouragement, wore the most beautiful night sky full of stars, into a special light for him to open the Aztec Stadium is almost a yard a yard rubs up against the finish line . He was regarded as a hero surrounded by a far more solemn courtesy title. Over-excited people even forget the exact statistics of his achievements, achievements in the Olympic book of only his rank: 75 in the first 57. After his 18 players, all for various reasons, walked out of the. Ahewali was born in 1938, the British Tanga Niger Karma of Mbulu (Mbulu), Mexico City Olympics, is a 30-year-old veteran. Although Xuan He had no results, but he, as the history of Tanzania, the first player to participate in Olympic sports, he did not live up to the country's hopes to become the "bottom of the most beautiful person."

(8) contemporary long-distance running superstar - Meise Lai Ted Farr 2008.04.29 tall slim, black hair, black eyes, hair to disperse wave volume was popular, walking on the road, who could not think of this somewhat undistinguished-looking Girls could even suggest that the best female athletes in 2007, the Olympic Games and world championships 5,000 m champion, Ethiopia talented athletes Meisailaite - Defar. As a second generation of Ethiopian athletes, Defar to benefit from the success of their predecessors to create a situation, the natural genetic conditions, a good training environment, as well as individual effort. 90s in the last century, Ethiopia, a group of athletes, turned out immediately after the raid and the international track and field since then to occupy Ethiopian middle-distance athletes of international hegemony, and that generation of training experience will undoubtedly make their returns Shidishimei bandit shallow, and they also gave younger set a good example. God given talent is the evolution Defar, another magic weapon, less than 1 meter tall and 6, there is good coordination of leg length and body size, prolonged exercise in energy consumption would be smaller than the others. As for the environment, Ethiopia in the highlands, traditional homelands of people born here, have a good absorption of oxygen and the ability to use oxygen, most people can not be compared. Year after year in the altitude training is also an invisible among the difficulty of increasing the training, allowing Defar race than in other places come to its capability. More importantly, and others like ratio Defar are inherently important to know that hard-line, and how to work on. Childhood home, there are two brothers, three sisters, Defar have long known that life is not easy, the desire for food and survival are not afraid to suffer Mills Germany and France, while the physical talent let her have withstood the Great load exercise test, not received any major injuries. In June 2007 5,000-meter race in Germany and France Fall 63 to 14 minutes and 16 seconds broke the world record results, faster than the previous record by nearly 8 seconds. In 2008, 25-year-old Defar is proud of his success in urgent need of another piece of Olympic gold medal to prove itself. In accordance with middle-distance athletes, growth, Defar should also engage in professional game 7-10 years and now that she is either physically or technically are in peak condition, just as she was the best athletes in the 2007 awards show on the assertion that "I am the happiest woman in the world.". Well-being of a woman's greatest backing from her husband, also her coach. "My husband gave me meticulous care, whether in training or in life, he is mentor. Without him, I do not know what will become." Tireless efforts and inspire women a source of happiness comes from her sisters, Ethiopia, the other a woman long-distance running talent - Baba. In 2003, Dibaba in the 5,000 m race where achieved his first world title, when she was only 18 years old, while in 2007, she first broke the 5,000 m indoor world record, 7 months, he has won in the World Championship 10,000 m gold medal. In the past seven years, the two men met again, a total of fighting hand to hand 22 times, which Defar won 13 times. Intentionally or unintentionally, the two days seems to want to avoid the race met, but the victory of their own desire and ability to inspire confidence in their continued in the same project had considered quitting. No Zhou Yu, is Zhuge Liang, in the end who will be smarter to do so? 2008 Olympic Games, placed in question before Defar not so much that is in the number of medals, but rather that if she can keep his gold medal, as well as hands away from his sisters, another gold medal.



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