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Standing triple jump master Come

liuranshuo2010-01-30 09:01:46 +0000 #1
my right-handed, his right foot a relatively strong, with the left foot over right foot take-off take-off the first two steps far from the first two steps.

Standing triple jump does not know which foot to do the last step.

Present examination can jump 8 meters 25, peacetime training, 7 m 8,9.

And my third step is very poor, has not improved and enhanced,

my physique is not bad, just bad bounce.

I want to 2 months time, up to 8 meters over 55. Please help solve the master.
012ab0122010-01-30 09:06:04 +0000 #2
first step in his left foot, and the second step the right foot, because you are a powerful right foot. Jump process must make full use of arm and pay attention to the hip of the swing to send, this will increase the pace, the final step should be quite adequate and income. While also jump to the far point.
sidosa2010-01-30 09:21:22 +0000 #3
triple jump is composed of two parts namely, a long-distance run-up, and as far as possible may jump to the landing area. Athletes in the triple jump in the jumper from the starting date should be three entered the pits, just like its name. When the first jump the next step will eventually take-off foot, and then to large-stride-for-feet, the final leap into the pit. Each can have three chances, and only the best result that has been recorded. After three rounds, the former eight access to the most in three competition. Then the opposite position by the former three rounds of the order of play.

Triple is composed of two parts namely, a long-distance run-up, and as far as possible may jump to the landing area. Athletes in the triple jump in the jumper from the starting date should be three entered the pits, just like its name. When the first jump the next step will eventually take-off foot, and then to large-stride-for-feet, the final leap into the pit.

Triple jump is a hop, skip and jumping stride composed of triple jump in practice, have and exercise the same value of the long jump.

Related knowledge:

triple jump is a track and field late in the development of a project. The first session of the 1896 Olympic Games, triple jump has been listed as an official of the sport, when the highest achievements are 13.71 meters.

The original triple jump technology is relatively low, and one for the technical characteristics of the sport, was quite superficial, and the second jump stride jump, just as the first hop and the third jump transition. In 1936 the first Japanese athlete jumped 16 meters, its technical features are the first-hop Tiaode Gao and Yuan, take-off strong and smart action. But the second jump jump slow, far-degree short, uneven rhythm triple jump. After the athletes have tried to make the triple jump triple jump developed to be closely linked, there is no pause technical stage, the Brazilian athletes in a jump of 16.56 meters in 1955 to a new level. The mid-fifties, the Soviet Union athletes to improve the "hop" technology, which is characterized by vacating parabola high, the exchange of legs late, with a high kick landing approach, so that new results have improved. The early sixties, Poland athletes to skip the 17 meters, its technical features to help jump speed and vacate the parabola is low, the body forward is good, the third jumping around too much. Movement of people continue to practice, deepen understanding of the triple jump.

In recent years, triple jump rapid development of technology and achievements, the world's top athletes constantly sum up experience and improved take-off landing technology, so that the proportion of three-degree long jump is more reasonable, and thus in 1972 there 17.44 meters of good results. Brazilian athletes to 17.89 meters in 1975 the results of this project was to create a world record. The current men's triple jump world record of 18.29 meters was maintained by the British athletes. In recent years, carried out on the women's triple jump world movement, and was listed as an official event of the Olympic Games, and now the world record is 15.50 meters. China's athletes in this project has a better campaign level, and has created a world record. The current state record is 14.66 meters.

Triple jump along the straight line in the run-up after three consecutive jumps of a campaign. As this movement so that the burden of lower limb large, so the physical requirement is higher than other projects. It requires athletes fast run-up speed and good jumping ability, as well as a powerful force in the leg.

The official competition, the provisions of the form of triple jump: hop, landing after take-off take-off leg of the stride jump, swinging leg take-off jump landing with both feet down in the bunker.

Triple jump performance is determined by the level obtained when the run-up speed and take-off resulting from the vertical velocity, but also with each of the quality of the completion of an action, the ability to maintain body balance and the ratio of the triple jump. As the level obtained from the run-up speed in triple jump in the process continue to lower, so how to reduce the loss of horizontal velocity and can get a reasonable vertical velocity is the triple technology to solve major problems.

In general, triple jump off angle as follows: one-leg hopping 16-18 degrees, when the stride jump 12-15 degrees, 16-20 degrees when jumping. 3-hop hop length ratio is the longest, the shortest stride jump, long jump times.

In the run-up, after a row along the straight forward to do three times in different forms jump. The first jump is a single hop will be required for take-off leg landing; second jump to stride jump, have to use the swinging leg landing; third jump for jump, both feet at the same time falling into the bunker. The first session of the Olympic Games in 1896 was listed as an official event. China in 1923 as a single events. Triple jump performance depends primarily on the level obtained when the run-up speed and various vertical take-off speed. In addition, reasonable and appropriate flight angle between the proportion of three-hop is an important factor affecting performance. Run-up is usually the distance is longer, faster, run and jump action consistent nature. First jump jumping leg off the ground should be maintained in the air, stepped position, then his legs in the air Huanbu, take-off legs, pawing at the floor when there is movement, your arms from front to back so drastically with the swing. The second jump, the swinging legs and arms swinging forward in a strong center of gravity forward until the feet down pawing at the same time, his arms swing back to do. The third jump, so tread stretched when the swinging leg, the other one by the legs and arms, after the top put forward. Generally, or to come forward Crouching type as the third position vacated when the jump landing. 3 between the length of the jump are mostly first-hop longer than the third jump, second jump minimum. Triple jump techniques can be divided into high-jump type, flat-hop type, intermediate type. High jump-type, also known as the power type, characterized by first jump high and far from the body center of gravity Tengqi, 3-hop away from big changes. Jump-also known as speed type, characterized by the body to move faster than the center of gravity low and flat trajectory, first, triple jump distance of little change. Intermediate, also known as a modern flat-hop type, characterized by maintaining the first-hop distance, was able to jump to the third increase in the distance.

Fast strength training tools and quick method of jumping exercises.

A, fast strength training means

the so-called speed strength, we often also referred to the outbreak of the power. Suggests that it is composed by the strength and speed. Therefore, the triple jump athletes, it must be doing strength training speed requirement. In the past we practice in power, they often only require athletes load the weight of the expense of the speed requirements. In order to meet the triple jump technique has been the speed-based development of this trend, we should choose the power of those who practice faster means and methods to develop speed strength triple jump athletes. Such as: quick snatch, after throwing shot put, the former throwing shot put, the bar pretty quickly, kettle bell squat jump, barbell squat jump, barbell lunge jumping, weight-bearing sand vest foot hurdle frame, weight-bearing sand vest feet hurdle frame, weight-bearing Sand vest Jumping boxes, heart weight-bearing sand back depth, weight-bearing sand vest stride jumping, weight-bearing sand vest one-foot jumping, weight-bearing sand vest feet jump height, weight-bearing sand vest one leg jumping, weight-bearing sand in the bunker to do all kinds of vest jumping exercises.

Triple speed-strength athletes during practice, it should note the following several aspects:

(a) All of the lower extremity weight-bearing exercises require the athletes to jump to more closer to jumping exercises.

(B) As the strength exercises, when a certain stress range of motion and velocity.

(C) of the athletes to do when you load a variety of jumping exercises, wear flexible shoes in order to play a buffer to protect the waist, knee and ankle joint role.

2, rapid jumps Exercise

In order to meet Triple Jump technology to speed-based development of the trend, we should select some jumping exercises with the rapid run-up or a time-jumping exercise to replace the traditional practice of some jumps. These exercises is the best band close to the special run-up consists of the single leg jumping exercises, the athletes are doing these exercises should be a speed requirement. Such as: five stride run-up jump, run-up 5 one-foot jump, 10 stride run-up jump, run-up 10 single-hop, 50

60 m time stride jump, 50

60 m timed hop, 50

60-meter time two single cross.

In the development of athletes, the fast jumping ability, should pay attention to the following issues:

(a) in conducting rapid jump practice, the commonly used 5-6 step run-up, with a gradual increase in the level of training athletes can be appropriate increase in the number of steps as well as run-up run-up speed.

(B) the beginning of the training should be first in the soft ground, such as sawdust or grass runway, a variety of jumping exercises and other places where conditions permit to practice the best on the beach. After a period of time after the adaptation training, and then to practice on the runway.

(3) In accordance with the principle of gradual and orderly progress in carrying out a variety of jumping exercises, we need to emphasize the number of exercises, that is, practice repetitions, and then the intensity of exercise required.

(4) in conducting any kind of jump exercises, we need to first ask the rate of movement, when the athletes to complete the action when substantially correct, it is necessary to ask the corresponding movement speed.
BoardのDolls2010-01-30 09:42:16 +0000 #4
right lower limb muscle strength of factors, especially the outbreak of force capabilities, but also the strength of the ankle made a higher demand. Standing long jump final force is the former soles of their feet, even toes need to ankle plantar flexion force considerable strength.

(2) to coordinate the ability to force refers to the coordination of the pelvic muscles and lower limb muscle force capacity (including the ankle joint). Coordination of the correct sign of force, the hip, knee and ankle joints can be rapidly and strongly three tread straight, upper limb can make a coordinated swing, play zone, collar, pulling effect.

(3) The role of the standing long jump swing arm must be straight-arm swing, swing the larger belt, collar, pulling the stronger action. Please note that observation, where the bent arm swing who is bound to result in upper body of the wave action, thus affecting the far-degree jump.

Are three easy ways you may have a suitable
j32609002010-01-30 10:19:49 +0000 #5
The best training methods to improve the triple jump is a stride jump, do this exercise is to pay attention to experience the feeling of vacant



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