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A short-track and long track speedskating competition rules What is the difference two short-track a

Fallen success2010-01-30 09:02:10 +0000 #1
3 freestyle skiing venues the length and width of approximately how much?

4 curling teams after the game moves to bid farewell to each other what to do?

5 curling team after the game to negative-winning team what to do to express respect and recognition of movement?
jushuiweihen2010-01-30 09:16:03 +0000 #2
1 ranking on the short track speed skating to victory or defeat, competition system using elimination. First group stage 2-3 before the next one, that is, the semi-finals; and so on, each team before the semi-finals 2-3 to enter semi-finals, semi-finals before the 2-3 final. Typically 500 meters, 1,000 m, 1,500 m final with only four, 3,000-meter final, may be up to 6 people. Athletes in the starting line starting line starting at the same time, stations chosen by lot. Competition on the way, without violating the rules at any time under the premise of athletes ahead of the competition. Circumference of 111.12 meters space, not less than 7 meters wide and straight, bend radius of 8 meters, 28.85 meters long straight. Sites at both ends of curved black rubber blocks placed in the corners, as a symbol of line, players must not slip into symbol chains. Area there is no sign straight lines, can be any sliding.

1) Short Track Speed Skating safety helmets should be consistent with the current ASTM standards. Helmets must have the shape of a rule can not have processes.

2) Cut-resistant gloves or leather gloves made of even the means, or does not contain synthetic materials, wool gloves.

3) Anti-cut, anti-rolling and durable materials, and shin.

4) comply with MU-type safety competitions, No. 97.1402 clothes.

5) long-sleeved trousers and jumpsuits.

6) The cushion or cushion the hard shell knee pads.

7) Blades of pipe must be closed, curved blade root must be the garden. The minimum radius of 10 mm. Knife possession at least two points fixed on the shoe, there is no moving parts.

3 freestyle skiing venue to help landslide degrees -25 degrees to 23 degrees to help smooth straight slope length 80 meters, width 40 meters, over areas of 28 meters, landing slope more than 40 meters, landing slope of 37 degrees

4 handshake, however, never went around

shaking hands, hugging, if it is咱Chinese athletes often say thank you, good game

5 shook hands and embraced the like! !

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