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a278389552010-04-17 20:10:13 +0000 #1
I was in Shenzhen, men, and now the temple.

There are 40 days on the test, but I was not satisfied with my sports achievements, mainly good 200 meters, only 34 seconds.

Teacher said basketball sports out of 30 points. Running

I want to practice, I ask you: pay attention to what ah? How kind of training was effective but fast? (Time limited). Also in the running to test how ran and when?

There is also a year in 2010, Shenzhen is the examination of the sport in the original points is 30 points, converted into standard scores is about how much?

Thank you, please write elaborate

chase points ............................
I Love Outlaws of the Marsh Biography Q2010-04-17 20:21:56 +0000 #2
friends I do not know you want to practice long-distance running or sprinting, it give you suggestions.

I made a lot of athletes here, and they told me a lot of skills:

1. If it is long distance, then boys should be 1,000 meters it. Follow the lead of the former 400 meters, do not lead (I would have committed such a taboo, and finally extremely poor performance), ran the third and fourth on the line, if you really do not increase, then almost can find a person who had, with the Behind him, Jinjindegen with, do not fall, and then a little shot in the arm speed of 400 meters, but still uniform, full sprint the last 200 meters fight to end the largest fresh washed.

Do not be afraid of muscle injury, then, when their normal training sandbags to try to tie to tie, small on-line, 12 kg, and tied their feet every day and more running, Progressive was running, such as the first day of 600 meters, the first 2 days 800 meters, 1000 meters the third day, according to their own situation right, remember, no relationship between running slow, not stop, this method is particularly useful for.

2. If it is, then sprint 200 meters, right, if slow response can be to find a tree, then tie a rubber band at one end and strapped to his body, starting to practice more effective, or find a teacher, students in the next , clap ah, cough, ah, ah loudspeaker, and enhance your speed of response.

Hope my answer can help you, I wish you success!
SuperX_wei2010-04-17 20:24:34 +0000 #3
First of all to practice tolerance, such as 800 .. 400, what's - day training according to their actual situation, the speed, you can practice very Accelerative Running .. 30506080100 米 5-day group, very useful Another is, varied pace, the general playground five laps you can - Note: training, according to their own circumstances, not the blind pursuit of results, training volume should be moderate -. hope landlord hard, get good grades Ha -.



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