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50-meter fast run home exercises

Xujanehoon2010-04-17 20:10:24 +0000 #1
running is not very fast on the general level. Girls. 8 seconds to run out a bit.

Hope to have a hand at home practicing. Improve the running speed of

2 months time there,

Thank you!
09 Heaven2010-04-17 20:16:36 +0000 #2
1. Thigh high enough or the direction of the former swing straight. Specific technical points, the high leg lift exercises, sit-ups, uphill running, running stairs, leapfrog, etc..

2. After the pedal is not fully, sit running. High leg lift exercise run, running back step, lunge walk, etc. They can also be done against the practice, a practitioner who stood in front of the top of their shoulders with both hands, so after kicking practice. 3. Too tight ankle, foot brake when landing the phenomenon. More small step to run 30 meters to relax on the way to run, the development of ankle flexibility and strength exercises and so on. 4. Thigh is not lifted, similar to straight leg swing. More moderate pace run, run spot high leg lift, standing support for ran so high leg lift exercises. 5. Thrown forward leg. Do run slowly, inertia swing leg, running uphill or on stairs, run in various ways such as the high leg lift exercises. 6. Body from side to side. Balanced development of the power to do all kinds of symmetrical lower limb exercise; doing the right arm exercises; stress straightened head position, the direction of the fixed line of sight; do correct "character" foot exercises. 7. Arm tension, posture is not correct. To do hand or arm exercises held light device; do to improve shoulder flexibility, flexibility training; more relaxed nature of the relaxation practice run.
Qq4786466022010-04-17 20:57:54 +0000 #3
50 米 by the explosive force, you can tie some light of some of the sandbags, and then run on such a repeated practice, they would unconsciously increase the pace, but this'll be tired, and then see how you can not be done. Oh, I hope to be useful to you.



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