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1000M long-distance race how to improve performance (in test)

Small囧even ferry2010-01-30 10:01:16 +0000 #1
I am now the fastest 3 minutes 49 tall and 160 + quite how thin the indoor exercise ah
sex slaves praise2010-01-30 10:15:58 +0000 #2
, body shape

should be based on mesodermal type and ectodermal-type combination of size-based, middle-distance runners should be based mainly in mesodermal. At the same time, should be an important indicator of height. However, with the longer distance game, action, frequency, speed, height values of the relative decrease. Individual's fat-free body as the major.

From the shape index analysis, sitting height and leg length ratio in half, and the lower extremities should not be too long, but the legs must be longer, while requesting Shoulder, chest thick, narrow hip, knee and ankle Wai Wai thin, Achilles tendon length, small feet, toes short and hard, slightly higher arch.

From the morphological characteristics of large calf muscle attachment points must be high, upturned buttocks muscles tight leg muscles reached a bundle, upper limb and waist force co-ordination to do a continuous leapfrog moves.

2, cardiovascular, pulmonary system function

Choose heart development is good, quiet and low heart rate (in the morning the main pulse), beat a strong, heart radiant large athletes. Heart rate in determining the load before and after the change, usually to the athletes after the load limit, so that heart rate increased to 180 beats / min interval of 4 minutes later (with the enthusiasm of the main break), fell to 110 beats / min or so, these athletes for cardiovascular function is good, and the acid-resistant capability.

3, the individual genetic

those who inherited the physical and psychological characteristics have greater stability, not to age or other reasons, there is a greater variation. Optimization of genetic factors with coefficients of 85% is likely to become a good distance runner.

4, physical development of the situation

boys develop later than girls body 6-20 months. In particular, the biological age, later age than the calendar for more than 10 months (delayed development), and its 14-year-old athletic ability is not very prominent appearance, while the physiological development into the second period strong, has begun to improve its functional quality, and therefore who should be elected later developed. Function of election campaigns in which girls should be strong, and made outstanding achievements, those late menarche.

5, psychological intelligence of love

to be elected to run, Yoshikatsu mind strong willed, hard Jin big, be good at mobilizing their own functional ability, mental development normal, quick thinking can easily impulse control, good brains, understanding, good personal partner.


running physical movement sensitive, coordination, relaxation, natural. Motion frequency slightly faster forward kick active, after the tread strong, upper and lower limbs motor coordination, body center of gravity more stable.

Speed test, the action was fast and more stable frequency. Speed endurance test, the ability to better control the pace, running the technology is not deformation, movement steady rhythm, breathing rhythm even, deep breathing large, fast final sprint to the finish line a higher heart rate, recovery faster.

Relative strength of good quality, speed, strength endurance Jiaoyou, the overall force coordination, concentration, jumping ability more outstanding.

2, the training time of

reasonable arrangements to ensure attendance. Attendance is a prerequisite for amateur training. Students not only to learn, but also training, some students still practice, which increased the difficulty to the training. Our school team with minimal impact learning such circumstances, every 3-4 weeks according to the request for a training course, every training session is 2 hours, and called for each team every day for a morning exercise. More than two years time, the training is divided into the following phases:

1, the basic training phase

basic training after high-intensity training is the beginning of its mandate is to train middle-distance projects give beginners to cultivate moral will quality; to improve health, improve the overall level of sports training and physical fitness levels; focus on the development speed and improve the aerobic capacity of the organism to raise the level of maximum oxygen demand; to improve running techniques, running in a variety of exercises to master the correct technique. Important tool are: methods to sports games and other sports items and some running, jumping, with the tender form of my four training as a means to improve the aerobic organisms can be services, in raising the level of maximal oxygen uptake increased on the basis of the critical speed capacity. Using uniform long run and combination training method, repeated runs were used.


ready to prepare the training phase the training phase the main tasks: to enhance athletes, muscular system and support organ function; to improve the cardiovascular system and respiratory functions, improve motor function level; to improve the level of aerobic capacity, improving mixed metabolic capacity.

At this stage the means used are: ① in the soft ground (sand, grass, foam Road, etc.) for various jump exercises (marching single-hop, switching up your feet jumping, leapfrog, standing jump, squat jump, etc. ). ② heart rate of 150-160 beats / min, uniform cross-country running, running time for 40-60 minutes; ③ 1000-2000 m large density interval running, running the number of times, intermittent amount of time to vary. ④ varied pace: sprint a short distance from the gradual extension of sprint speed is picking up speed, jogging a distance equal to the distance due to a gradual reduction of sprint, jogging speed should gradually accelerate.

3, the basic training phase

The main tasks of basic training are: gradually increase the anaerobic capacity; gradually increase the special speed endurance levels; to improve the technology to run to save energy, maximize the use of the energy reserves of the athletes.

Training, the main methods used: ① the longer you ran a larger strength demand heart rate 160-180 beats / min. ② 600-900 m interval of time to run every time before running the pulse of the athletes should be reduced to 110-120 times / divided into appropriate. ③ a variety of jumping exercises to strengthen lower limbs into force in the latter half of phase should be gradually reduced. ④ 1200-meter run again.

4, pre-season training phase

this stage the main tasks: to enhance the special speed endurance, strengthen high "speed" endurance capacity; to strengthen competition techniques, psychological games and will the quality of training; training in top form.

The main methods are: ① a strength training (strength training to request a small group of a few more times, intensity, larger). ② 300 or 400 meters time run repeatedly, using pulse control rest periods, which require each 100-meter race faster than expected results for every 100 meters faster 3 seconds. ③ to conduct a "check run."

Third, training management

middle-distance endurance development projects. A long continuous muscle activity characteristics of this project. On the one hand to minimize the energy consumption required to maintain a certain Paosu the other hand, required to run throughout the game situation in accordance with the buildup capabilities. So full of athletes in the running correctly grasp the technology and reasonable allocation of physical strength is very important.

The special quality of training is the key. The development of endurance training includes aerobic training, anaerobic training, non-lactic acid training, tactical coordination, mental preparation, the nervous system the appropriate degree of tension in many aspects.

4, the excess recovery

We need to understand the super-compensation rule. Before each training session, be aware of whether the recovery of fatigue after-school training, this team have any training courses required. After training to understand the athlete's sense of the size and intensity of exercise, fatigue and, based on the pulse and practice the morning after the 10 seconds pulse for analysis and evaluation. In the pre-race training, can be carried out under the athlete's recovery time and greater intensity exercise training in order to achieve the effect of over-recovery
liangchenghao2010-01-30 10:47:46 +0000 #3
Treadmill 1200 meters a day!
fffjjj12302010-01-30 10:51:41 +0000 #4
boys, then this result can almost be passed ah

in the indoor exercise bad, it is recommended to the outdoors, every day morning run on it.
Corydon062010-01-30 10:42:48 +0000 #5

Your home much?

Otherwise, any large object around a dozen laps of running, practicing endurance, speed, endurance not aware of it to improve

I suggest you go to outdoor bar in the afternoon after school to run a three laps around the playground heretics (although very tired, However, students in our class is so trained in good results)
123,731,0132010-01-30 12:24:04 +0000 #6
live in high-rise buildings do? 18-story 1 day to run 5-10 times a staircase in the middle can not rest. Began to slow down, and just can not stop!
lm8865622010-01-30 11:37:42 +0000 #7
Results from the objective is not very far ah, so long as strengthening exercise, to do all that preparatory activities, and practiced hard look at Sprint should not be a big problem.
y2k_zm2010-01-30 12:30:20 +0000 #8
rope skipping (double roll) the amount of practicing pulmonary width, physical. A high leg lift, improve coordination and speed of running. ! I was like 3 minutes and 55 can meet the bar. Refueling
chongziao2010-01-30 13:09:16 +0000 #9
no way, is the training, no training, long runs, daily training, 800-1200M distance running can be a day you start an appropriate increase in the speed and trying desperately to keep the run going at this rate!

Beyond self, beyond the limit, sports is like that.
a highest good is like i2010-01-30 13:30:22 +0000 #10
boys to this level on it.

If you want fast, then it can only find another solution.

A daily morning run to gradually speed up and then maintained at a stage when approaching the finish line the fastest run "must be a limit" (if the running time of the lung or abdominal pain, as evidenced by, and this is what you can use as far as the speed of the gallop of the)

there is to increase the bounce in the evening on the leapfrog bar. Jump stairs on the line, and do not have to carry heavy loads. Importance of gradual progression.

Tied sandbags is not a good idea, there may be deformed legs, will be counterproductive if the sandbags heavier.

The most important is the will, believe that they will win

The most important thing is inhibited by the pain caused by running
smallfish01022010-01-30 13:11:16 +0000 #11
still have to go outside to practice every day to run, you can sandbag the appropriate department in the legs a good long-distance running to be vital capacity , try to practice breath holding in domestic washbasin
qq5642889362010-01-30 15:06:49 +0000 #12
buy that heavy leg wrappings are tied to the leg tie every day Shangna Qu. . Internet cafes are on the school tie does not need to deliberately go to run-walk can also be = to a certain time you will find that leg win to rerun run up very light. .

Then, when the entrance exam to drinking bottles of Red Bull, but hard to remember that training is the key Oh ---
popo6love2010-01-30 11:15:15 +0000 #13
gao tai tui lian xi



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