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Why do cigarette tax the heaviest

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zian19992010-01-30 10:08:07 +0000 #2
for several aspects of the considerations

first, because cigarettes are a huge profit industries, from tobacco taxes, health care and environmental protection can be put up. We should know that smoking not only harmful to health, but also pollute the environment.

Second, can effectively control the smoking population

our country's 2008 data show that China has 350 million smokers, accounting for over 15 years of age 36% of the population. Every year one million people die of tobacco-related diseases, this figure highest in the world. This is the air pollution caused by the death of three times the cause of AIDS deaths of 30 times. Per pack of cigarettes increased by 1 million the number of smokers will be reduced by 13.7 million to save 3.4 million lives, government revenue will increase by 64.9 billion yuan.

In fact, China's tobacco tax fairly low. The international level in about five Liucheng to Qi Cheng.



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