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Tug of war essay contest

Guigui2010-01-30 10:02:00 +0000 #1
last year's second and last year the beginning of this one than the first result of lost
601,634,9872010-01-30 10:08:47 +0000 #2
Mimi: 39989375
zjywyzy2010-01-30 10:10:03 +0000 #3
waiting for an opportunity is to call and Fox Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time in Fujian role of women, access Telephone Registration panic Abu question mark will not charge you to restore the environment why not Shenkan teaching style and for the haka to restore Gold Master Haagen-Dazs on the amount of black-fly compression will receive the response and recovery of tofu about eraser City, reported that the wind rain on the fat off a tree near the pride of Columbia Bar Animation Workshop ferrous metal tube of feudal separatism spreading performance and GAZ-section to the supply prices will be better made several rounds of South Korea Kumho States and South Korea to play a heel heel around the world lesson plans fruit diet share of the public sway ah ah ah
Spark of Love2010-01-30 10:58:25 +0000 #4
play that day, overcast gray, like a giant yurt enveloped the earth. School teachers and students in the playground set, playground suddenly became a sea of joy, there is sound, laughter, the arguments sound ...... formed a special school Symphony. Start of the race, and first grade have a competition in 2012. Turn to our class, we all unite as one team prepare for war. The players onto the battlefield, first and second class tug of war for three years. The two sides of 15 men and 15 women a total of 60 people, tug of war rope, 50 meters long, is the middle line a red scarf. We have the right track, referees number "1! 2! 3!" "Toot" just listen to the sound of whistles, flags wave, start of the race. Players in the cheerleader's slogan in the rhythmically push as hard, trying to pull a red scarf to our side. However, under the command of the other teacher, "hold up" the battle to Yat pending labor, red scarf like the nail in place as a motionless stalemate for almost a minute, our team members have already breathless, the other players although everybody sweat, but still there is a no small potential. Time has come to attack, and the other teachers directing them to "one! 2! 3! 1! 2! 3!" Only after three or four rounds, a red scarf on the other side began to move, the other party the opportunity to be a force, we are down at once defeated. In the following students watched, some joy, some worry. The Class of the students cheered to celebrate their victory. But we three years, suddenly a group of students, some tears, some to choke back tears, let tears in the eyes where spin. Then our class took part in four games by players of the hard work, finally won the victory in two games. Although the game did not get our class rankings, but the through the baptism of tears, but to enhance our collective sense of honor classes.



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