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2009 "as the marathon cheer," the relevant essay competition cheerleaders

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Hao-ming, rice love2010-01-30 10:04:25 +0000 #2
cheer for someone else

Han Yu said: "The article in Du Li, Guang-yan bottomless long."

Lu Xun, said: " historian of the peak of poetic perfection, without rhyme's Lament. "

even if they are in a different era, but we could not spared to lead their own cheers. They unreservedly, we expend all their talents, to cheer for others. They showed a man's wisdom, reflects a personal self-cultivation, be called for everyone style.

So many people cheer for others is wisdom. We are in real life, often the interests of the individual gains and losses with others, and the collective separated, which makes us only for their own progress and success of Qiexi, cheers. Although they are mostly insignificant, and we will still revel in it. Such complacency is often easier for people to ignore the tremendous success of others that we can bring real value. Most people with tinted glasses to judge other people's success, they are indifferent, disdainful, and even slander, framed. This approach is often turned up their noses so that they are too easily miss the refined essence to others. Cheer for others and for others applaud the success of the surface is between people-friendly performance is people learning from each other deep, progressive process. Only sincere acclaim for someone who can really Quweicunzhen and learn from essence. The wise is all the more wisdom, is that they continue to cheer for others is that they are sincere acclaim was found in bit by bit.

Han Yu is said that Lu Xun's words, without exception, to demonstrate their noble character as a great thinker cultivation. Wang proficient in poetry and painting, music, great Song dynasty poet Su will evaluate him: "poems are portraits, there is poetry." Chinese literati works of poetry, the acclaimed works of countless others, many of them famous through the ages, everybody's lips now. Think they are confined to stereotypes and discard the results of others, then we talk about China's splendid culture. It is precisely because they are open-minded, open-minded question to the only ones who know how to discover and accept other people's bright spot, so that our country's culture and long-lasting poetry. Cheer for others is their noble sentiments of the broad-mindedness of its finest expression. Cheer for others, more so that their personal integrity to upgrade again.

Cheer for others, in our present society, is not regarded as a habit. Therefore, we can only conclude that it is a wisdom, a kind of personal cultivation, it is an style. Let us continue to cheer for others, so cheers to become a habit.

For others is a measure of acclaim, this is a heroic King hero, hero hero King of gas. "Water Margin" in the hero for less ashamed of their own, but in order to get to know a hero for the hi.

Cheer for others is a learning process. In fact, life itself is a learning process. In hardship, failure, frustration in front if you can find a beacon Zhidianmijin, perhaps you will suddenly see the light. Acclaim for others at the same time, you will receive a beacon to let you walk away from the self-less. In a second cheer for others in the process, you will be rich themselves, until one day, others will cheer for you!

Cheer for others is a noble, but there must be others who applaud applaud the superior of the office.

Alpine always a cause for lament, but dust only in the sunlight until slightly shadow, the sea can always lead to people's emotions, while the water vapor is not wet all the time with this world of thousands of creatures. Not only for things with a glorious cheer, it is necessary for those ordinary, people can not easily be perceived, but real things that play an important role in applause, even if they are not painted colors recognized by the general public.

This world no matter how strongly people in this life time will be sitting in the audience far more than his own standing in the audience's time. Therefore, if he is a jealous of the success of others, then he is very likely to be their own Duhuo burned. Therefore, we must learn to cheer for others.



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