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How to improve sprint performance in six months

YES Bear2010-01-30 10:02:12 +0000 #1
Now my results are 7.4 seconds (50m) up to a maximum of two days of

along with the number of current training methods
Love de Shadow2010-01-30 10:16:45 +0000 #2
50M belong to sprint,

sprint is a non-oxygen metabolism, in the running process, the energy needed for muscle contraction, mainly ATP-CP (phosphoric acid of the original system) for energy, but the muscle in a limited number of readily available ATP, only a few seconds of time, in a short time limit movement , ATP utilization of the maximum speed of up to 1000 when the quiet times, greatly exceeding the maximum aerobic capacity of ATP synthesis. Therefore, a longer time to maintain the speed of contraction must be between the two to continue the ATP re-synthesis, ATP re-synthesis depends mainly on the anaerobic decomposition of CP and glycolysis to complete.

So, drinking Red Bull right Your sprint performance benefit is almost never any effect.

Second, the rapid increase in performance on 50M training methods:

day, morning and evening and one in A, 30M high leg lift / Group X3 Group (increase frequency)

B, stop force-type Rapid Run 60M / group X4 group

C, are arch walking 30M / group X2 Group (Latin hip ligaments) D, leapfrog 40M / group X2 group (exercise leg strength)

hope you will adhere to the above exercise, 2 weeks or so there will be significantly improved. remember that there is no instant sports scores, and are using scientific methods out of hard training.



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