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Method of three days of running 1,000 meters

hyd4202996072010-04-18 02:10:03 +0000 #1
I was three days of final year students about to face test in sports (probably only 10 days a), other items also formed, is very problematic to run 1,000 meters, emergency training for a week, but results only 4 20 (I belong to the kind of physical difference, are ahead at a slower speed, about the general to the 700M manual on basic fast is over, the final sprint is not fast, so performance is not satisfactory), now in a hurry, do not know no hope, hope that we can under the circumstances I give advice, teach me the last 10 days how to improve this performance, there is no Caifu Zhi no reward, hope you generously, thank you
ah ◎ I2010-04-18 02:23:45 +0000 #2
Hello! I can give you some ways to run long-distance running:

1. You can buy small sandbags, 1KG, 2KG of the line, tied to their feet when training every day to run, should be gradual, like the first day of running 1,000 meters, the first 2 days to run 1300 meters, the first time not to account, no matter how slow the relationship between multi-tired all Do not stop, this method is workable. long after your endurance you will find a large increase.

2. you can find a almost to off, than you points, run time Jinjindigen him, also.

Hope my answer can help you, I wish you success!
Xiaoshan Shaanxi2010-04-18 02:18:00 +0000 #3
exam look more rest, I was high in one test just last year, and I and you almost, Yeshi after quarter, Suo Yi Yong examination is an indifferent heart, and run down, a perfect score, so normal As long as you practice, despite the usual poor performance, such as on the battlefield, just have a sense of balance, will be successful.

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