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The quality of the development of endurance exercise what?

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endurance stamina walk the way of exercise, fitness running, swimming, cycling, rowing, hiking and some ball games can also be adapted to local conditions using in situ run, rope skipping, stair climbing, etc.. Now the most commonly used race walking and fitness training methods to make an introduction. 1. Walking Walking Walking is simple, and medical and effective aerobic training method for older, less obese body. According to those conditions and physical exercise to provide a certain distance, walking slope, speed, frequency and timing of a break. Walking can be effective in reducing body fat, and fat consumption than the more obvious vigorous exercise, walking can not only reduce fat and build muscle, it was suggested that instead of dieting with walking due to diet so that fat and muscle were reduced. For example, commonly used walking routes: ① 200

600 Yonehei Road: The 30

50 m / min speed of walking, 100 meters walk break every 5 minutes. ② 800

1600 Yonehei road: with 50

100 m / min speed of walking distance and the distance of the end of each rest 5 minutes. ③ 2000 Mi distance: There are two short-distance slope (about 100 meters), slope height 5

10 °, the remainder being flat road. With 40

50 m / min speed of 1,000 meters to go and rest 8 minutes. Back Road, also has completed 1,000 meters with the same speed, rest 8 minutes. Is best in beautiful surroundings on foot, under the trees, flowers, beside the hill. Preferably under the guidance of a doctor. Demands a good mood when walking, muscle relaxation, if the upper arm with the activity, massage can walk better, if at the same time with the breathing and intended to keep pubic region or Yongquan, you can play a dual role of walking and qigong. 2. Fitness Running Fitness Running as it does not require special training equipment, it is the favorite for the middle-aged. Now, at home and abroad to carry out wide range of fitness run, generally within the moderate-intensity, suitable for middle-aged healthy people, and have good training-based obese patients. Exercise intensity greater than walking, the exercise by the participants to determine the body to adapt to the situation, the speed can be fast or slow, the distance may be longer or shorter. The size of exercise running fitness by exercise intensity and time of the product is determined, in general, younger physique is better, should choose a larger intensity, short duration of the exercise, the elderly and poor physical persons, should chosen relatively small intensity longer duration exercise. Measuring heart rate is a measure of exercise intensity of the most convenient method. To participate in fitness race of people learn the best measurement of their pulse method. Usually the number of measured radial artery pulse. Number of 10-second pulse of the first number, multiplied by 6, that is, 1 minute pulse rate. 30

40 years of age, can feel the pulse of the number from 110 beats / min progressive exercise to speed up to 150 beats / min; 40

49 years of age, can be from 105 beats / min to 145 beats / min; 50

59 years of age were available from 100 beats / min to 140 beats / min; over the age of 60 from 100 beats / min to 130 beats / min. In the immediate post-exercise heart rate as an indicator to consider the size of the exercise is simple, objective, accurate and safe method. Because it can reflect the function of the heart to adapt to the movement, but also reflects the adjustment and adaptation of the body. Heart rate not up to standard, indicating exercise too small to reach the purpose of training; if heart rate exceeded the standard, indicating exercise too big, too heavy burden on the heart, but harmful. On heart rate recovery after exercise may also prompt the size of the exercise, if the pulse rate after exercise, at rest within 5 minutes after the return to pre-exercise pulse rate, indicating amount of exercise also increase; if more than 10 minutes can not be restored, then excessive movement, should be reduced. Of course, after exercise of self-feeling good or not, may also refer to. If there is no discomfort after exercise, sleep well, loss of appetite, and even apathetic, should stop exercising, looking for a medical examination, to be better physical condition and then re-start campaign. If it feels good, appetite and sleep are all good, physical strength increased, it can be further increased physical activity to achieve weight loss purposes.



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