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Professionals to answer: Tug of War disrupted the laws of strength training

chi77582010-01-30 12:01:17 +0000 #1
arm muscles feel pain (not too painful), as long as the little one, hardworking, very clear sense of right biceps. Now training is only the original 1 / 3.

How are you going to continue to exercise the muscles, or look at the first place.

If the first break, and so the muscles recover.

My strength will be a bigger margin? (This must be answered)

The tug of war and is more difficult, operator do a strength training?

But I think I usually practice the effect even better, more intense.

However, that tug of war, the first two days is indeed more muscle pain, and why?
Benxi Taekwondo2010-01-30 12:14:12 +0000 #2
Biceps pain as a result of continuous efforts are overloaded muscle strain, about half died about self-healing, during which an appropriate and thought they could maintain and enhance the two muscle;

rest time should not exceed a week, due to a tug of war belonging to the outbreak of ultra-high strength and endurance, so participants will feel myself the first time sore sick, it is usually due to physical exercise than many of the small muscle groups to participate in sports, has withstood the test results, if the opportunity for systemic muscles to second major exercise, the effect will be very good, the proposed legislation the bar overlooking the boating, shallow squat barbell curl, dead lift, combination of high-intensity three groups, and insisted that each subsequent half-month time limit on your physical fitness will have unexpected help benefits, your power will be a qualitative leap;

once in a game of tug of war can not be considered strength training, at least once a week side effect;

tug of war yes yes combat skills and strong project line, that is usually drag force of 1000 kilograms of non-game team, is unlikely to overcome a drag force of 750 kg of the biggest phase of the division;

the next day even more painful because of the lack of relevant training, fatigue caused by a week or even longer to recover. And like my players, one hour after the game is completely not a similar feeling more physical game from exhaustion can quickly revert to the initial state, only about one minute less than the time, which to pull the wheel of a tug of war battle This is a tug of war did not participate in the training system, those who had unimaginable.



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