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3000 m run training methods! Do not copy, professional come in! Thanks! High score! The more detaile

Sphere When2010-04-18 07:10:31 +0000 #1
I'm going to games, for a long time without running, ran before the 3000 and 5000! This return of 3000, because they do not know how to do resume training, how can there be state! 45 days time! Said the expertise to specific points, thank you, and scores is not a problem!
mehhpx2010-04-18 07:16:00 +0000 #2
3000-meter run mainly endurance and strength problems. You have a foundation to restore some relatively better.

This is some of my training methods in sports schools, for reference:

First of all, the power from the waist and shoulders begin

specific methods to restore endurance: sit-ups 40 push-ups a group of 3 groups of 25 a group of Hula Hoop Group 3

5 minutes, a group of 3 groups static support action and push-ups do not do the same but as long as the crawl on the line, the key is to not loose the waist of a Group 2 Group 3 minutes

The other is some other ways: for example, supine leg move from supine leg, sitting shrinking legs, two lower limbs from

then is the overall quality: strength and endurance to 1, high load and high-SLR SLR. Find a barbell or sandbags, high-speed lift the leg and increase the comprehensive ability of the thigh. As for the high leg lift on the need to elaborate. (This is to enhance endurance). 45 seconds, a group of 3 groups (each group should end with the fastest speed run of 200-400 meters. (For strength and speed is very effective in a way) to 2, after the tread run. Looking for wall or parallel bars, hold your hands, body to the ground 45 - 60 degree angle, fast switching leg lift, pay attention to the supporting leg must be straight, lifting legs as much as possible going up.

3, varied pace. straight at full speed, turn jogging or walking. 600 - 800 m as a set of three groups.

4, load run. sandbag tied sandbags or wear vests, jogging 2000 meters.

5, thigh positive side, after three of ligament tension. no flexibility is out! 6, fast running and durable Mixed practice run. Run 800 meters at full speed, rest periods of not more than 5 minutes jogging 3,000 meters. (This objective is to enhance the endurance and resistance to limit the capacity of the phenomenon) to 7, leapfrog, and the duck walk. this you should be done, After 15 meters generally strong legs began to ache, and middle and long distance limit of phenomena, so that you always training, you can quickly enhance the thigh endurance.

8, vital capacity, training, and that you can feel suffocated, swimming, diving, or head carried out into the basin to strengthen recovery.

9, jogging or in the throttle. This will require patience. because you have to run 3000, so you jog or run medium speed must be around 5,000 meters, which can strengthen all aspects of your function .

state of adjustment:

1, step by step. began to recover when in excess, after warm-up is very important to relax after training.

2, from 1 week before the competition does not promote a significant movement, mainly jogging and stretching for the flexibility Lord.

3, there are about 45 days away from the game, so that your training is divided into four stages: ① low-intensity, multi-frequency phase of 7 days ② high-intensity, low frequency of 10 days ③ high intensity, high frequency 10 days ④ low intensity, high frequency of 5 days the rest of the mainly jogging and stretching flexibility mainly of preparatory training before also. the amount and frequency should be reduced to suitable training completed no apparent fatigue.

The other is the continuous training of 5 - 6 days to rest a day, every day is best not to bathe, wash twice a week about the general. before the game for three days without a bath.

dietary protein, carbohydrate foods to eat more. training during eating anything oily.

I can help you also the hope that useful to you.

last wish you success! Come on!



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