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The King of Fighters game so why not 97

miss _cZ2010-01-30 12:01:23 +0000 #1

Solitary Twilight2010-01-30 12:17:30 +0000 #2
97 unlimited with too much, and many infinitely easy, such as the eight-step Bourne unlimited grass edge 75 to change an unlimited edition, Terry hit Unlimited, Long T Sha ... ... 2 Unlimited and 98 although there are an unlimited company, but to teach the 97 has been reduced, many, many, and even infinitely more difficult than the 98 to 97 most of the.

97 nirvana invincible too long, too determined, leading to the phenomenon of bare kill serious, is not conducive to fair play. And 98 is not like nirvana has been weakened a lot, so that effectively reduced when the opponent jumps out indiscriminately kill or opponent got up and instantly kill out of gambling, which wiped out because the 98 is very easy to kill, so requires players to be seen accurately, and out of fast!

People attribute differences too, which is on the first floor of the friends said, the balance is not good, almost to play to play is a few people, two of God strong role in three of five animals. Although the 98 had a similar problem, but the characters than 97,98 balance has been a considerable improvement, almost every character is strong, but is in the game players choose the scope of most people, and 98 grass the door, East Joe, Robert, Li Anna, Ralf, Athena, KENSOU, The Dance, Kagura, the Kim clan, Chen Khan, board Kawasaki pondering, Yagami, Maizhuo, Chris, 7 cangue community, etc. , can be in the race was selected as a fixed main, such a balance, of course, is vastly different from 97.

There are other aspects, such as 97 Diaoxie too much, even down a set of almost no blood, and and easy to halo points, such as a heavy attack Yagami, and then a set with the counterparty on the dizzy, do not show the level of benefit. For another example, system settings and the like, such as 98, there is an empty vote cast technology, 97 which was indiscriminately cast technology, investment and non-combat skills on a 98 must be real deal in sights of the vote. 98 may be 97 players not suited to the most important place is that the requirements of 98 pairs of instructions to be much stricter than the 97, 97, of instructions to be too simple, so simple that almost a complete mess, 98 requests were much higher, as entertainment, may be 97 is more appropriate, as a competitive, of course, 98 of the (only on the 97,98, 02,98 UM does not discuss issues such as the other later).

I also know some masters in Wuhan, playing 98 was mostly, although there are 97 very powerful, but the basic is such a situation: about the same master, and a 97 a 98 masters, if the play 97, although the master has won more than 97, but the two You Yipin those who are not Chaitai Duo, but if the master is definitely playing 98,97 beaten badly - at least I have observed is the case. I asked some of the world somewhat Wuhan KOF fame players, their answer is that bothered to play 97.

If you want to host 97 games, there will be a lot of restrictions, such as banning unlimited company, to prohibit the non-investment skills of nirvana bare kill (except a few people), prohibit the use of the system BUG non-defense techniques to limit too much. The 98 non-defense with the restrictions on the door to Lei Chen, the other on the no limit. Therefore, by the public recognition of the KOF tournament, in general, not to the level of 97 events as a response to the player.

So, you want entertainment, then play 97 bar; you want to athletics, then play 98 bar!
jak23792010-01-30 12:38:35 +0000 #3
97 uneven, with some of the roles can be unlimited. 98 the most balanced.

Do not JB said the 97 classics, and those who feel the classic is because doing Tai Lan 94-96, 97, suddenly seemed much better, so we said so. . .



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