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How physical exercise, I ride my mountain bike.

A138789553342010-04-18 08:10:08 +0000 #1
Recently, a contest, a month or so to start the race, I would like to participate, but I think my strength is not enough. How to rapid increase of physical fitness, I was riding a mountain bike. The fastest 38-speed. I run 1-2 kilometers a day at school. Who are quick ways to enhance physical strength. +30 Points.
Abe Code vector2010-04-18 08:14:11 +0000 #2
I had a football player, I talk about my method in the short term to enhance physical strength, hope useful to you. If the close games, you develop a training program, according to your own body reflected in the make adjustments, or increase training intensity, or reduce the intensity of some items, depending on your body by not won, we must pay attention to rest The purpose is to improve the physical, do not hurt -! If you plan to be effective the top, but the body also be able to stand on 3 days or 5 days a small span, training intensity and strength increase little by little, do not surge. If you set the program after a few days can not be fully completed, or has accomplished the very difficult, the body is not properly restored the following day, we should Zuochu adjustments, look at that project Shangzui difficult, to reduce the amount 1:00 gradually add up to reduce the project to do well at the same time, the other items on the addition of some well up slowly to maintain the balance of all projects, and training results came out -! The key is to work and rest! Good rest is also very important! Body recovered by rest is good or bad! Another ride is aerobic exercise, the key is physical strength and endurance -! Also need explosive power -! You can also go to the gym to the top of a small program to do the training to upgrade -! Do not blindly look at violence training, so that effects of reach, but also hurt the body -!



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