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How to do very bad junior high school sports

ni Canhua wo defeated Liu2010-01-30 12:01:59 +0000 #1
now a third-year. Physical examination exam solid ball in the 800 meters, long jump, running (I am female)

long jump, most of the time I almost 5 minutes. Running 0 points. Solid ball that scores of three samples also almost perfect score is 30

mostly running. 800 meters 3 minutes and 45 is the passing score five, I only have 4 minutes 02

How do I exercise in order to attain the passing score.

Day schools have to run between classes. Run 4 laps. And now added to the five laps. . . Very tired sometimes could not help but stop and go.

Finish the first lap started panting lap of

300 m
Senhyaku Philippine2010-01-30 12:15:58 +0000 #2
adhere to running it, our school is to run two laps, just 800 meters, running a half semester, has been do not feel tired. Is said to run 800 meters there is a skill and what the former hundreds of Mimi fast, intermediate slow. Acceleration of the last category, the total is only the initial run is not to fast, to the hand, Meijin Er was lengthened. Recommendations and physical education teacher or the students run fast study.

Solid ball never played, and strive to Throw it ... ...

jump Well, there was a lesson has been dancing has always been to progress, but the next section, jump, oh yeah, more 5 cm - should be jumping on the list or multi - is said to fight the long jump is the explosive uh
Dream sad hair2010-01-30 12:24:38 +0000 #3
the break-point fees are OK, and the school is expected to help you find a way to.



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