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Learn to sing a certain requirement?

qq4048370822010-01-30 12:02:08 +0000 #1
Shun ascribed to me a few sites all over the divisions of primary entry
Silver Snow Asaka2010-01-30 12:07:17 +0000 #2
singing skills

song interpretation of that is the performance of many parties.

The first is of course the sound. This is a very specialized knowledge, including the atmosphere, with larynx, oral cavity resonance, spit the word pattern. Future article, I know I will share with you as much as possible.

The second is emotional. This requires the singer to the words of the melody of sentiment strong, many of my friends singing at the time of all the emphasis placed on the sound part of the expense of emotion, it will not be praise-singing a song. An excessive focus on sound reason for this is because the singer's strength is limited, singing the old thought process of where to pay attention to atmosphere, and where to pay attention to ventilation, and approaching treble the time to prepare, etc., which are unavoidable . So, if singing to achieve the "extremely rich", practice is important. When you practice sound ripe, the concert's attention only to the emotions when up. There is a saying that well, not their mouths to sing songs, but heart to sing. If the sound reaches linking breath, reached a pinnacle point, singing into the more arbitrary emotions, interpretation of the song would be more appealing.

The third is experience. Emphasized once again that music is a natural feeling, you have the number is how much feeling the day after tomorrow to make up the music very little. Feelings need to pop music pop music, folk songs, folk songs feel the need, such as Yan Weiwen you want to sing "I Have Nothing", I can guarantee will be笑翻gang! The singer's feeling different from singing approach is different, and some deal with a very plain, some handle it exciting. These are very delicate handling, such as a small ventilation, a stress accent, a non-breathing sounds, or a long delay the sudden ending ... ... these can only realize the.

The fourth is a sense of rhythm and pitch. Have you ever seen a 3 year old child to hear a melody will be able to beat out the rhythm of Canada flowers do? Have you ever seen a 3 year old children live performances, and my father gave him an accordion accompaniment at any time to change the tone, he went into singing tone is accurate do? Have you ever seen an 8-year-old child did not hear any sounds in the case, asking him to keep hum "drop E", "l C" in any other tone of the "1" pronunciation, hum exhausted on the keyboard by pressing checking completely accurate do? This is the talent for singing needs such a foundation, although they will not be as outstanding, but definitely not weak.

The fifth is the quality. This is the amateur singers and professional singers difference. In fact, light sound, emotion, feeling, rhythm, intonation in these areas compared to amateur singers, many professional singers better than worse. The gap in quality. Do you know your body and expressions when singing do? You may have a vague image of what you sing when you put the appearance of his own imagination, and this image is likely to be the song you sing your chance image. But these are your imagination, your imagination the image is almost perfect. You know you can see what that is? You use the camera in a formal concert had its own do? In fact, when you first came to power, or the first sentence of an eye, you can know that you are an amateur or professional. The quality here that also includes the understanding of music theory, musical instruments, understanding of the history of music as well as common sense understanding of music and so on, of course, there are many professional singers is not comprehensive, but I personally think that if done professional singer, you should follow these , to be worthy of a "professional" word.

Understand the lyrics

on to learn a new song before, there are a few you should first read the word again in the heart from start to finish it? Several essays have been trying to figure out the word's thoughts and his expression looks nice? A song, whether it is the word or the first, first, the music, both authors are earnestly trying to figure out the other side (the word the author or composer) to express the mood and ideas, if, you here, you even have to ignore their well-intentioned It's that sense of relying on their own singing, I feel wrong. Some singers like to personalize their own understanding of this self-expression, not a bad thing in this way (and I like it), but I would first carried out first, to understand the author's intention to play again. Besides that not every song is for you to play any, and some songs you can not find a more suitable expression, such as the national anthem.

In your deep understanding of music later, you have the emotional processing will be much better, if your insights ability, you will not help but bring a voice to sing heavy gloss over a certain sound, a sound of their long passion will be drawn out ... ...

, then plump and singing, in addition to melody, rhythm, breath, there are other difference? Yes, that is the way the word spit. Please use arbitrary read out the way you say "Let me once love your fill" and then input it to sing out ... ... will find time to sing lips open to both sides, but also some exaggeration. If you think about is that you spit the word problems. So to speak lips to sing than to exaggeration, so that will spit the word clearer, more fluid atmosphere, more appropriate to express feelings.

Singing songs in Mandarin, or the standard good. Such as "Z, C, S" and "an, ang" and "L, N" is very easy to confuse the difference between the. Sometimes, Hong Kong and Taiwan pop star will sing individual words deliberately not a retroflex or rolling, or else to beat their own tongue, or else that they did not sound like that, or they simply do not know the pronunciation. When we remake them in these songs, I have no clear idea, in order to imitate, not corrected is required. But if you wanted to sing their own style or competition, it should be corrected.

On the Cantonese song, advise for you to learn just keep on singing, or else easily funny. Just like I used to sing songs in Cantonese, since that standard, but now I know that there are differences. Cantonese and Mandarin are also similar in the "Z, C, S" and "an, ang" a subtle difference, do not seriously study is bad science.


said this topic a bit at a loss, because this is the most difficult to use words to express things. I was singing before the sound of two years of training the United States has given me the insights deep breath basis of great help to me. Generally not those who studied vocal sound is very flat, they speak with the usual position (voice) pronunciation, and we call it the voice issued a "white", there is no color, no filter. I look at the following statements sound of bel canto method of training.

The voice should be rooted in the lower abdomen, imagine that, after the sound through the backbone, to the back of the head, to the mouth after the root, the entire voice should be erected, and by post. Please look for this feeling: you bite-sized chunks 1 apple, exposing the teeth, biting down on a the same time, issued a "ah" sound, feel the sound in the back of the mouth and the location of the upper nasal cavity, which is beautiful acoustic sound of the a resonance point. Next, the breath sink, abdominal swelling, slightly harder one in the lower abdomen, in my earlier position of voice, male Adam's apple depressed, female voice in the back of the head by more emphasis on the position, you will find the sound to be much larger than before . Regular exercise helps voice against the wall because the wall can reach the backbone of your post, so that you feel easier to find, and the chest wall resonance energy and resonance, so that you easier to find the feeling of chest resonance. Start with "m

Mother" exercise began to gradually rise, will help practicing treble breath; and then from high to low practice, so again, one day you will find the feeling. Pay attention to bel canto, "transparent," always imagined his voice is erected, rather than flat; also pay attention to is the "resonance", sounds through the chest or chest and above resonance, the will be very smooth, plump. To understand resonance, you can do: Shut issue a "ah" in tone, Shaodai point affectionate feeling, "ah" and longer, will feel the head and chest in shock, if the atmosphere is good, such a resonance Tim color will give you a lot of sound. Listen carefully to the speech of some tall Americans, they will know what is the chest resonate with the (foreign structures are more prone to chest resonance).

In addition, I would also like to mention that vital capacity, singers need a larger lung capacity, such as some very long, non-ventilation of a sentence of melody, but do not sung after the red in the face, only deep breaths. Vital capacity should always be able to maintain physical activity. There is a certain amount of skill to master can offset some of the vital capacity shortage. First, we must practice breath, a good sound it is a good way to control the voice through the voice traffic, such as they sing "... ... not afraid of you betray me ... ..." This sentence, unstable atmosphere may be what put the singer " fear "of the sound to burst out of the way to sing, what was originally put enough lung capacity to run the gas release, if the back does not ventilate the long sentence is not strange he suffocated. A good grounding in the breath of these singers can control the flow of sonic boom, when the microphone will not be singing some flutter sound. Therefore, I propose that we practiced before the mouth when the sound of a candle placed as far as sound practice to keep the candle does not sway bar! So that your gas will remain in your body a long time. Think you are always out of breath too long or Biezhu do not insist on keeping their outlet long? Of course, this singer also need to be relaxed, not tense, a tense, heart beat faster, your breath is more stable here, do not live in

I can only say so much, these are to rely on perception. However, I would like to remind that the practice is a sound basis for singing pop songs, do not use the method to practice sound straightforward interpretation of pop music, so would be too contrived, will, like Yan Weiwen sing "I Have Nothing."

With regard to pop music, with the throat, my view is that as long as the mood in line with songs to shout to break is also acceptable, but these are the sound of the absolute prohibition of the United States, so we have to learn from each other, because we are not practiced to sing bel canto bel canto We are popular in order to promote a good image to practice before the United States sounds like a martial art to practice the same gait, have you seen the fight when squatting Bu play do?

Some friends say that such a statement is difficult to understand, who want me to talk about pop music in the hands of the atmosphere is very transparent, it felt to learn more easily shining ideas in mind, this is an effective method. Personally think that the singer, the more you listen to "A-Mei" in it, She's a natural transparent atmosphere; male singer, the more try to figure out what "Wen Jun," the bar, he's the real atmosphere by singing, and the other, Zhang Xueyou a good atmosphere, but for teaching, Wen Jun is more suitable


This is the most favorite friends asked a question, in their words, because the treble, "enough to pull," Ha ha! Once again add that a good concert should be integrated in many respects, can not say that the higher the pitch is to sing better. Indeed, a good pitch to give the songs added to render the climax part of the force, but would like to advise my friends not only know the value of the expense of treble bass, in fact, full mid-bass is also very contagious

sing the treble, when a certain atmosphere is based on the lower abdomen, pubic region as a foundation, and Jing Qiang stressed that "Nita gas" also refers to this sound-producing devices.

Look for a sense of: If you are a girl, shoes, suddenly there is a mouse, what would you do? Expected to be "ah
" is heard ringing, and there are "false voice" and sound-producing devices. So you are calm, you in the "ah
" what to see, most of the no longer "ah" can not get on the. Why? Because you receive terrifying moment, your belly in a tight, (think of the feeling of being scared, is not muscles tense?) Is precisely because of such a foundation, coupled with a powerful air flow (which can be understood into singing breath), straight into the throats, the sound strange if not high. So you can understand the feeling of treble Biao as "tense", "take heart", remember, everything lower abdomen as the foundation, to sing the treble was not raised his head and pull up, is feeling center of gravity down a rebound.

Look for sense 2: seen the rubber pipe do? To pipe the water had risen further how to do? Water tight pinch front of a small gap, the pressure increases, water is washed farther. In fact, do not have to treble the volume significantly, some singers sing a very loud voice when the pitch, we said it was singing with strength and lung capacity, rather than using breath and skills in singing. Imagine faucet theory, should be able to realize some reason.

Look for sense 3: on the ground that there was a large stone, lifting it to come. You have a bent over her mouth count: "One, two, three, go ... ...", I think this "walking" the word you must use a breath. I will not say I feel about it, what weight around ... ... Ha ha! This is just some of my sense of atmosphere you created in the method, not formal, but very effective.

Would also like to tell you that the performance of treble the capacity and conditions of your own voice, if the naturally high-pitched voice is a big advantage, such as "Sun Nan" is a typical high voice, treble deduction will not be so demanding. Voice of the singer are not so well be up to a lot of flavor and methods, but the voice of the conditions, whether good or bad, sound, sing out through breath, like cigarettes, like through the filter, the sound will be filtered look more beautiful.

In addition, I also tell you that a psychological approach, treble at first thought you were singing in the face of a vast ocean, boundless sea and sky merged into one edge, so that the scenery is not worth do you cry out loud?

In the bass in the bass are generally full, deep feelings for the good. But also the same as the treble, many people lack in the bass resonance. Bass is to rely on chest voice resonance and large structures can be embodied in congenital stronger. In my experience, bass voice potential not go down much lower is difficult to practice, can go a few scales pretty good. If we want to record bass-rich songs, the morning did not brush your teeth, do not face directly recorded, the sound will go a lot. Therefore, the lack of people in the bass to avoid such a song, and avoid weaknesses, the same bass-rich people have to make good use of its potential to promote the good image of the bass is very charming Oh!

Singing bass to his chest and throat relax, with a sigh of the ways to enhance some resonance, it is very low place to add some flavor of mouth generated resonate will feel some of the sound simple and honest. In any case, voice, natural, rich people much more room to maneuver.

Sing tenor to be polished more, including ventilation have spit the word beauty, of course, also concerned with the feelings of the singer, the bass and listen more, "Tsai Chin" the bar.


a lot of artists and styles only pay attention to the details of sentences and sentence to the details of units of singing on "sentence" above, rather than on the whole song.

To the whole song, draw a line undulating bar, you will know where the low-key, where the high-pitched of the. Look a bit higher, like the location of a sense of football, like watching how localized attack on a long pass play an effective co-ordination?

Unless we have a certain strength, or else not talk style. I agree that the early singers began to imitate, but not a single, multi-singer to sing songs of various styles, to master a number of monasteries of the resonance, the initial experience of singing as well as the atmosphere, which is a good thing, to a mature, coupled with his own voice and practice sentiment, and then digging his own style of a natural thing.

Concert to invest, but the investment is to have a degree, not to you "energetically" to join, over-sentimental, or joy, in understanding the meaning of the word, based on the input can be measured. For example, some similar words: "... I am sorry ... how can you be willing to ... ...", I have seen people who sang extremely painful, so there is no appeal but it does feel funny. But I also saw a real lovelorn friends in the karaoke ok to sing this song, singing when the face expressionless, sang very calm voice and vicissitudes of life, singing the kind of interpretation out of helplessness and loneliness of everyone infected with the scene . I think this is just a good sense of proportion, do not cry. But there are a few people at any time be able to perform such a place it? It is up to the music of the feelings.

Give you an example: Some friends in imitation of singer, the star is not conscious of the exaggerated features, such as moldJacky Cheung imitation, it will make the kind of voice over Crimping thick strange sound (then a feature of the early Jacky Cheung, as it seems rare in); in imitation of Leslie Cheung, when he was the kind of exaggerated Da Shetou like rearward resonance; imitation of Faye Wong, when it is funny that people think sounds strange tongue knotted. In fact, listen closely to original singers, not so exaggerated. I have also heard a voice like Jacky Cheung, a friend singing, each to sing songs Xueyou not sure when they are measured, and then I persuaded him to more color, but sounds like the original singers. In fact, sometimes spectators, multi consult the views of friends will be very beneficial.

In addition, the emotional to sing than the rich people who want to interpret emotional plain good. And the song echoes the sentiments, but also need to live a rich background singers. The more experience, sentiment was more thorough.

This is a lot of friends, but the pursuit of things, Ha ha! That there is no vibrato is not fully professional, not dragged. Little do they know vibrato in a song is just a form of expression only, without vibrato can not sing the Song of the Month do?

Tremolo, the real interpretation of the song is breath when the powerful impact of oral and nasal airflow generated by the rear shock, abdominal pressure resulted in giving breath air. I do not support pop music must use this way to produce vibrato rigid, and some singers jitter through the Adam's apple (Andy Lau) and the throats of a tight one song (Jeff Chang) "do" out of the tremolo. These are some small tips, or a style, but in many parts of the climax, they also have a strong airflow vibrato. Therefore, I reiterate that breath is fundamental. With the atmosphere, naturally there will be the impact of airflow produced vibrato. For pop music, some low-key places do not need to sing folk songs, like every word in the same breath, sometimes like a kind of whispers, and sometimes like a helpless sigh, will not have a strong airflow to support your vibrato, when the requires you to use some tips to modify your tail, I think pop music, vibrato endless thanks to the performance of the top out of breath, and sometimes Shiver Adam's apple, controlling voice in the eyes of the voice is acceptable, as long as the overall atmosphere in the song can not be affected.

There is no vibrato friends if ironclad right vibrato salivate, let us begin from the imitation - imitation of an ambulance call out. Funny, right? This is just not vocal teachers around and try to figure out a way of self, of course, does not belong to the regular vocal exercises. Issued a "hum" and turn the portamento cycle of high and low (slightly faster), he allows you to find the Adam's apple shake the feeling of the bar slowly, "hum" into the pronunciation of "er er" pronunciation, and then slowly turn into "You
" the pronunciation, just keep on singing some "you" at the end of a song ... ... Oh, it is only a feeling Adam's apple jitter vibrato way, with breath does not sound like the teacher looked at would be mad vocal Guarantee! But there is no need to step by step thing, and slowly try to figure out, worth a try.

Finally once again express my point of view, if we look a bit higher, this time in history stressed the vibrato of the singing popular, perhaps in another five years after the epidemic stressed the vibrato of the singing is not a. Why do in order to not upset about vibrato? Although the vibrato can effectively rendering songs atmosphere, deep and penetrating, but I am willing to love to hear some simple, pure sound. So, as long as the intention to sing like, maybe you will be more features.



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