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Run-up to which the vertical jump and standing jump height greater role? ? ?

ssss1ssss2010-01-30 13:01:15 +0000 #1
Run-up to which the vertical jump and standing high jump jump higher on more? ? ? Why? ? So how should training (run-jump take-off or in situ), should pay attention to what? How can we improve your jumping ability? PS: I will now be able to Shuang Shouzhua box in situ, but only a single clutch run-up is my take-off run-up to master not good? And no matter what, from the explosion is so totally different from a little basket, and now I am confused ah. . . . Big Brother Big Sister Bang Bang you brother啦! ! Thanks! ! ! !
qq3808283682010-01-30 13:13:21 +0000 #2
theoretically run-up jump higher! What are the reasons I can not explain, his legs are purely rely on explosive power, while the run-up is the addition of speed, the speed converted into upward force.

But you see that dunk from the free-throw line for you to see who is the take off of your feet do? Not, so one leg is a jump high in this area.

Run-up jump with 2:00 essentials

First and steps:

feet in-situ by explosive live dancing I could not do, I can only talk about some of his run-up jump essentials. First you farther away from the box, 3-point line on the almost, in fact, the most important is the run-up jump and steps, like the basket, like the speed together, went to the point you think appropriate for take-off and then jump.

Another one is the take-off of the essentials:

jump time to arm, like running 100 meters, as in the moment will soon take-off, waving his arms should be up, as well as foot movement, foot take-off I'm used to with the left foot edge, jump when the left knees, frog, the right foot to mention, the main reason is to ensure that forward momentum into upward force, so action is necessary to go up.

Last sum up: 3-point line, where speed, acceleration, left knees, frog, the arms waving up, right foot raised, grasping box!

ps: you could try this method rebounds touching, feeling very coherent after the grab box, and then try to dunk. However, LZ should pay attention to, and run-up box when grasping the arm there is not enough if the power of words, do not hang on it, because the forward inertia of large, so if he does not hold on, then the consequences do not, I say.

Finally I wish the success of LZ explosion box!



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