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800-meter running test

smell dumplings2010-04-18 12:11:11 +0000 #1
I am a relatively fat girls, school may have 800 meters of the test, I am the bad sport, not how ordinary workout, every 800 meters I could panic when the exam to not work, I really is not the practice of sports material.

There is nothing to relieve the pain while running skills, because the kind of pain I can still think of it, can exercise a few weeks of running out of it?

Really can help, I will add points
2130793369752010-04-18 12:16:09 +0000 #2
more exercise a few times, you can insist on their own to find out the speed of 800 meters. Beginning slowly to - must adjust breathing, bad breath will accelerate fatigue! Take a deep breath about 4.5 Step 1 - Do not eat too much before the race actually is not too long -800 m always persist, in addition to other daily training run for anyone who is confused - would advise you to exercise on the body after more good wish you success - ! ! !
I Love Outlaws of the Marsh Biography Q2010-04-18 12:56:08 +0000 #3
Hello, I'm going sports examination, and read many of these relevant recommendations and also pay a lot of athletes here, and they tell me many ways:

1. Is to follow the lead before the 300 meters, do not lead (I've done this taboo, and finally extremely poor performance), ran the third and fourth on the line, if you really do not increase, then almost can ever find a person behind him, Jinjindigen with, Do not fall, and then a little shot in the arm speed of 300 meters, but still uniform, full sprint the last 200 meters fight to end the largest fresh washed.

2. If the words do not be afraid of muscle injury, when their normal training sandbags to try to tie to tie, small on-line, 12 kg, and tied their feet every day and more running, Progressive was running, such as the first day of 600 meters, 800 meters the next day, third day of the 1000 meters, according to their own situation right, remember, no relationship run more slowly, do not stop, this method is particularly useful, and I was practicing every day after school so, I sprint well , No long-distance running, so my marathon training was also slowly coming up.

Hope my answer can help you, I wish you good luck!



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