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factory technician2010-01-30 13:01:42 +0000 #1
I am a 21 year-old boy, December 1 this year, when it was setting off firecrackers on the road should be Zhentian Lei, or Jubilee, I did not pay attention went up, and then just listen to very loud bang, the immediate feeling is that a fire color, may be only 1 meter away from me, when I also did not think about it, left and right ears feel humming, about ten minutes before, they disappear, gone, I on the left ear always felt some dull pain inside, hearing feeling and former seems to be no change, obviously shock is right ear, why it is abnormal left ear? this anomaly continues to this day! this month, when they feel in a quiet ear Lane will appear high-frequency sounds, like cicadas in the call, but also created the impression that the left ear over there, really do not know why?

Yesterday I went to the hospital, and I told the doctor said I was not firecrackers After shock know the current situation is a shock that caused or psychological effect? doctor: firecrackers shock, ah, then serious, then look at my ears, said there was Earwax embolism, direct to clamp the inside get a lot of things out Each ear has, and later on to do hearing tests, playing out a table, and I can not understand a box on each test of them said basically no problem, the test shown on the left box to the top 8KHZ time a line down to 10dB below a line down to 20DB, the right of the box are in 10DB following activities, let us analyze, what does this mean? I like hearing how in the end?

After the doctor's diagnosis that I was nervous that deafness, mild, and later gave me three kinds of medicine, let me eat, what to say to the deaf is no longer under control of the direction, regard? I went to the hospital's main purpose is to know that I am in the end is a psychological effect or that times caused by firecrackers? that the doctor say: how do I know that I am speechless!

doctor to help me to clamp the Tao Erduo years, was pulled a lot of things, but when you feel and do not dig the same, there is no use ah! Online saying that more to the ear drops to 3 days of medicine, in order to dig ah, I used to read a book that ears can not dig, and now feel the inside hollowed out, and I is not again something wrong? in the end it One approach is what the advantages and disadvantages?

I really do sensorineural hearing loss? crackers really can cause nerve deafness? I in this situation is caused by firecrackers? Or that no matter the psychological effect ?

please answer the questions I have all of the above, this is the hospital did not answer, and hey! it is difficult to find a good hospital, and no way! only online help, very grateful for life in return!

zhybbnn2010-01-30 13:12:47 +0000 #2
half of the psychological effects that you do not think about it like, and this is only temporary, as long as you always protect the ears, not to have heard a big sound, is basically to recovery



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