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800 meters running skills

Xiaoyun2010-04-18 13:11:46 +0000 #1
800 meters is the toes run? So tired
RUBY722010-04-18 13:13:40 +0000 #2
side of the mouth and nose breathing while running
Assault on Precinct Xi Hui2010-04-18 13:56:10 +0000 #3
was running tired to try to stride. Be patient.
Ouxiangtian2010-04-18 13:40:36 +0000 #4
I am a practicing physical origin, I Basketball, and 800 meters I can not quite understand, but I think as long as you wear spiked shoes, running all ball of your foot, you may not be very professional bar , not to say that toe is the ball of your foot, 800 meters 700 meters before the fact is the pace by big, big step frequency need, especially in corners, bend the arm technology to good practice, because in formal competitions are run 400 meters of track, if the curve accounted for about 50 meters, 800 meters is 200 meters turn. If you bend technique is not good, definitely not a good result, about 800 meters is the rhythm run tired you said here is that the rhythm of your breath control is not good, you follow the pace of others to go, as long as the respiration control Well, not too tired. 800 meters belong to Middle and Long Distance, Long Distance with the gap between the point of long-distance running, it is difficult to practice, and usually must be needed to train their leg strength, and cardiopulmonary function to keep up, so you have to score the go, running up not tired, had a good draw.
Truecreature2010-04-18 15:04:14 +0000 #5
! ! ! ! Not necessarily with ah! But it is not full with ah! ----

Toe is used when running sprint -----

800 meters, and if the runway is Shao Ying, and began to run after hours to use the ground heel first method, you can try, like when standing long jump light falling feeling ----

This is to cushion, at the end of your legs will ache, so using this method can reduce the load of

in the leg after the process, you have to slightly speed up, Finally, the remaining strength of your decision sprint, usually choose to 50,70 meters, then you can use toe running

but if the venue is no need to use software will have to pay attention to the method heels, so that will make you like a vacant general, when the body a little out of control,

turn a corner pay attention to tilt slightly sideways to the Village Road, using a lot of inertia can easily --- if you are game, then Superman to choose the start in the corner ----

to be very particular about the rhythm, or if you have good lung capacity poor physical strength, rhythm is very important to drop ----

breathing method is: a call to three steps, three steps smoking.

Is the running three single step forward has been to keep breathing, run three single-step, has been breath.

If shortness of breath, can not, on the second step into a call for a two-step absorption.

Note: Do not Chang's big mouth, otherwise, into the air, my stomach aches. If it is 400 meters standard venue twice in the last 200 meters, to the exhaustion of body strength, forward, then you can big mouth breathing until the finish line.

With the run play is very important, I usually test before or together with other people when accosted, generally see the level of players, with their power to find a similar, more than in the 450 before and after him, in front of people.

If you have enough stamina, you can choose to run.

If you are a speed better, the election is running right now.

In addition, the running posture is very important when I was little man who, I might have preferred the upper body straight down the focus, zoom step.

Sprint is the swing arm must be substantially enhance the power forward, this will not make you more tired, but give you more power (this move is effective very quickly -)

As the oxygen supply are lagging behind physical needs, run a certain distance, there will be chest nausea, breathing rhythm is damaged, breathing difficulties, limb weakness, and difficult to run again feelings go.

This phenomenon is called pole. This is a normal phenomenon in the Middle and Long Distance.

When the poles appear, with a strong will to continue to run down, while strengthening the breathing, adjusting pace.

So, after some distance, the breathing becomes more uniform, action, feel comfortable again, all discomfort disappeared, and this is the so-called state of the second breath.

On the recommendations of food for three days before the beginning --------

to eat high-sugar foods, eat Bacheng full race day, better digestion, before the game 30 - 40 minutes to drink glucose water. Also take 3 vitamin C.

To do before exercise ah! -----

Warming more fully the less prone to injury.

Can jog on the basis of the shoulder, elbow, Beiyao muscles, legs and other parts of the activities of knee and ankle joints, ligaments strengthen the muscle strength, improve agility and coordination body, thus preventing injury
---- -------------------------------
--------- do not know if you are game or test - ----------
--------- but I wish you success Oh! ! ! ! -------*,*--------



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