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He walked 1000 meters Test tomorrow morning to eat a good breakfast the night before what is what?

PUNK tired2010-01-30 14:01:40 +0000 #1
Tomorrow He walked pass 1000 meters is 4 minutes and 50 ran a long time since there are four sub-13 before running the night before should do something there help? Breakfast of instant noodles okay ?????
06200120982010-01-30 14:12:00 +0000 #2
sleep the night before you have to carry on their own not to think too much, to a sense of normalcy to come back. Breakfast is not recommended to eat only instant noodles, eat nutritious, such as rice porridge to drink, eat two eggs, make preparations prior to running
shouchenhao882010-01-30 14:08:04 +0000 #3
exam must sleep in order to raise enough to run out of spiritual success. Breakfast is best to eat high-protein high-energy stuff! Milk. Do not eat too many eggs in the class eating Liu Qicheng bread like. Note that something had to eat well in the exam an hour ago! In the test a good idea to warm-up jog before you go to sweating out a like! Wait until the exam 56 minutes to rest when you get to wear more clothes and do not want to loose the heat out of the running before the bar the state transferred the best Take it easy. Note that the control of breathing when running this point is very important to have good respiratory rate adjusted order. There are running at their own pace when you run two laps before the others do not deliberately pursued by the last lap is the key to grit one's teeth persist.

I hope you Kaode Hao results!



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