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How to improve running speed ah

My Sport poor2010-04-18 18:11:37 +0000 #1
I'll be in the 200-meter test

I am a girl. Before more than about 36S. Full marks to 32S

from the examination and a half months, I would like to know how to improve. How to do this time? ? ?

I hope we can help me. Drops in the test is also very important.

You speak more experience points, it is best not to copy my time is not much please the.
Xiaoyue g2010-04-18 18:25:26 +0000 #2
I am an amateur high school run ... ...

200m 400m to 400m to the speed needed.

Every time games, I tied every day, sandbags (sand bags?) Run, 2,3 kg each foot as if it (I am a girl), every day after school to run a 3,4000 m, jumping stairs, sand bags all the time in the feet, usually walking classes also.

Waiting for you day off sandbags, wow, Shenqingruyan much faster ah ----- -

Master (his track and field team), told me that hand to put together range of large, pushing the body, But the height of no more than the heart. So who are able to contact Waving.

Exams faster than usual -

leg massage before going to sleep at night ... ... ... ...

prevent thicker may be because the strength of the beginning is too large, leading to sore feet get hot water bubble -
xyheilang2010-04-18 18:33:28 +0000 #3
places, the problem I just returned from military veterans to come back, 200 meters, then mainly explosive, it is recommended you do every day Dunqi, vital capacity, not demand, running time to find a cloth bundle up the chest - to prevent the upper and lower jitter, affecting the speed -



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