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Standing long jump to jump a little.

_ childish2010-04-19 00:11:45 +0000 #1
I just birthday, 14 years old. Standing long jump to about 210cm. Want to jump a little. Want to break my record of the students! There any good way ah? (Please do not fill in some large length of the) most grateful !
7406156982010-04-19 00:25:05 +0000 #2

Option One did not know .. I give up

scheme two peers are now beginning 2 hours 10 minutes on more than one way to practice

The technique is a physical education teacher, said the daily jump on 2 months in 10 high-quality look at it
Track and Field L2010-04-19 00:56:21 +0000 #3
feel the most important. Abdomen, in the sense of self, the highest point, contraction of abdominal fat, force brought to his feet as much as possible, preferably Tie Xiong. To practice "two up" it!
A few on the old2010-04-19 00:25:20 +0000 #4
wants is sure to put enough time when several sets of stairs every day jump jump must be sure to pay attention to effective action is
listen CMY2010-04-19 01:35:31 +0000 #5
Standing Long Jump practice different, the results are not out of the same. So how physical unchanged, jump farther? After standing long jump repeatedly on teaching practice and exploration, to improve a number of techniques and methods, received good results. The approach is as follows:


feet equal station station method for feet is often overlooked. Sports materials different opinions on this issue: some of the "legs slightly sub"; some requirements "feet shoulder width." As for the stand in what position, materials not specifically defined, and therefore most PE teachers use "8" type station method. In teaching practice, I am the former scale difficult to grasp, although clearly the latter, but bigger. My approach is: position feet first station is set up, then before the toe for the support and the feet follow the separation of the two sides to the legs into a parallel position. In this way, all toes forward, and exercise in the same direction, while the basic legs in a vertical position, the angle does not produce, but also conducive to the knee and ankle. Also, students dare easy to grasp.

2, the swing arms and breathing and breathing with the proper combination of

arm is very important. In teaching, pre-swing arm relaxed when placed in the head slowly from bottom to top, followed by easy to inhale, and then to the arms from the rear and sides of breath. When to take off quickly before the arms were placed in the head from the bottom up, now followed fast and deep to breath on both sides with the hem to the back, as quick action, but this time not breath, but breath holding. Before taking off for the muscles that provide the greatest energy, strengthen the muscles off the momentary explosive.

3, the body center of gravity forward

in teaching, my approach is: when the take-off before, with the top down to the sides of the rear swing arms, the upper body forward, resulting into a squat arms flexion posture, heel raised, ball of your foot grip to control the body balance, center of gravity with the forward. Although the center of gravity moves forward not so great, it is very important. In this way, do not focus on take-off forward and consume power, in order to create conditions for the body forward at the top of Jumping.

4, kicking off place is the key

how well placed when the pedal is to determine the degree of physical Jumping away an important factor. In teaching, on the arms during take-off pendulum method, I was not as simple as teaching materials from the top of the swing back to front. Because that place only in the arms, the body can not drive. I jump off this time with arms of the pendulum method, but the direction is not only up, but put forward above. Off when the ball of your foot feet rapidly stomp, while both sides of the rear arms to move from the top of the swing so strong, so that the body forward at the top of Jumping.

Attention! ! ! *
, <Behind my tips, so you either jump far, do not recoil after landing, "landing, the leg extension force the farther forward the better! Heel, knees, while the top knee forced forward, there is the feeling of fast forward and down to kneel before the transition to the soles of the feet, upper body leaning forward. Near the beginning of the first jump a little, experience movement. After the jump skilled force!

1, to learn and master the approach of combining technology and take off

(1) standing off to practice imitating. Feet after standing in the former swing leg slightly bent, legs off, the body center of gravity close to the top feet. Action began, swing leg stomp, jump from the leg after a positive move forward, copy to the decentralization of the foot pedal action, full foot rolling the ground, then kicking off the buffer and the same time, arms, legs action to meet the positive swing . To and coordination with the various parts of the body, legs, kicking off rapidly, the positive swing leg swing forward at the top of the body center of gravity quickly to keep up.

(2) to do the runway, continuous three-step or five-step combination of jogging off the practice floor with the swing leg.

(3) vacated after takeoff step action learning exercises. In four to six-step approach the runway, take-off action after the completion of the hopping step. Time to swing leg drop down into the bunker, then ran forward.

(4) assistance practice.

① off the mark about 2 meters away from the office to set a high of about 60 to 80 cm box horse, the students take off, the swing leg landing on the box horse.

② put a low side in the sand bar rack (or pull an altitude of about 30 to 50 cm horizontal rubber band), short run, the take-off the completion of the hopping step, swing legs over the obstacle and move forward after the whereabouts of the bunker ran out.

③ off into the hopping step approach, with the former head hit the top of the pedants.

(5) short-, medium-range jump from the run-up exercises. Short distance of about 8-step, medium-range distance of about 12 steps. Method of Measuring the run-up distance can walk a few conversion. Such as: 8-step approach jump, approach distance ≈ 8 (steps) × 2-2, measure out after the test run 1 or 2 times, appropriate adjustments can be. Such exercises require rapid take-off, there should be a Jumping height, keep hopping step in the time of action. Should also pay attention to maintaining a more constant approach starting mode, off when the hard focus and coordination.

(6) off the whole run-up exercises. First of all, this practice should be based on each student's actual, full run-up to determine their distance. Approach is:

students to do the runway, 40 to 50 meters dash, measure every single one of the greatest distance from which the speed to find each hopping dash from the ground when the footprints, through several exercises that can be roughly determined to be in his entire approach the actual distance, this distance in long jump take-off run-up exercises were conducted in approach, with appropriate adjustments, the whole approach distance can be determined. Distance measurements with steel rule this record. Be here after the long jump approach run the whole distance.

Off the whole approach to practice, should pay attention to the ways and start run-up to maintain a fixed position. Run-up to fast, relax, run straight, stable and rhythm, which must be put off (arm and leg swing), stomp (take-off leg kicking), Ting (chest), pull (pull back), top ( head) aspects of a coordinated, centralized force.

2, to study and master vacated and landing techniques

(1) squat-style jump and landing techniques vacated practice methods.

① standing vertical jump knee tuck, hands touch feet, thighs as close to the chest, down the ground when the ball of your foot.

② short run off into the hopping step, the take-off leg to swing leg side, the legs over a certain height (horizontal pull the rubber band or a hurdle) and then fall into the pit.

③ to the bunker in the low box horse to do within the standing long jump, landing legs to actively reach, sediment rapidly after heel touch knees, feet, under pressure, with the active front swing arms.

④ use spring boards, do short take-off run-up, step into the vacated after take-off leg and swing legs close together to complete the air squat position, then ground to do to extend the leg movements. For medium-and full

⑤ Crouching long jump run-up to practice, experience complete technical action.

(2) Long Jump vacated and the floor technology practice methods.

① situ imitate Long Jump in the air action. Supporting leg for the take-off leg, before the pendulum swing Tuiqu Xi, then up and right leg swing, hip before the show, while his arms down the side of the action with the rear legs swing around to the side of the above, attention to understanding and developing hip leg up action.

② take-off leg support stand, with the password to do arm and leg swing, put leg, to come forward, developing hip single foot standing long jump, focus on experience with arm and leg movements.

③ short run-up to do a spring-board into vacating step off, the decentralization of swing leg and the fall and then ran inside the bunker. Experience of arm and body movements show.

④ medium-range use as a launching pad to do a short run-up Long Jump, asked the natural devolution of Swing, the hip forward, come forward to develop body, abdomen leg raise into the bunker.

⑤ full run-up Long Jump practice, experience complete technical action.

(3) walk long jump and landing techniques vacated practice methods.

① support the body hanging in the parallel bars or high bar, the imitation of walking legs long jump action air exchange.

② sat on the pommel horse or narrow wood, imitation arms surround the action with the swing and lower limbs.

③ in imitation of walking in the air walking movements and movements with upper and lower extremities.

④ short take-off into the hopping step approach, the down swing and straight leg, after falling into the sand ran out.

⑤ start with exercises ④, take-off leg in the swing after the swing leg down, while folding in the knees before the next hip place, Huanbu leg after falling off the beach, and then ran out.

⑥ Repeat with the spring plate ④, ⑤ practice.

⑦ in the high jump, get a longer flight endurance time, experience the action of air exchange step, after the completion of the exchange step, behind the rapid Swing Swing, jump in front of the body and legs close together, fell into the bunker with his legs .

⑧ make short-and medium-range approach to practice walking long jump, Huanbu lead leg and thigh when the hip swing, leg movements with the arms swing around to do, pay attention to the body running smoothly.

⑨ full run-up walking long jump, the full experience of the technical action.

I wish you success goals! Come on!



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