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Running 200 meters

Explosion Love sj2010-04-19 02:10:02 +0000 #1
I am a third-year middle school girl, I always usually sports. Let the lower level.

5-7 run to school every morning circle (the last one lap sprint), the afternoon school run 3 laps. Physical Education General 3-4 laps.

(1 lap 400 meters) (week of physical education is 1.2.5)

My leg is very acid, and long right foot blisters.

how I should do it, from the physical examination is not enough in 2 months What should I do?

6 weeks holiday, I will, and students jogging 10 laps (Community Park, a circle about 200 meters-3OO meters)

Sunday I will not run again, and legs are sour.
mehhpx2010-04-19 02:14:40 +0000 #2
The students, Hello! Your question is very simple, comprehensive lower extremity strength of your lack of attention to the speed of 200 meters and the explosive force of the comprehensive. In the running process, has been running with the ball of your foot, big stride, high step frequency. You jog on the role of 200 meters is not very big, I suggest you the following aspects to training, I took the students to train like this, and I hope useful to you:

1, the high load and high-SLR SLR . Find a barbell or sandbags, high-speed lift the leg and increase the comprehensive ability of the thigh. As for the high leg lift on the need to elaborate. (This is to enhance endurance). 45 seconds, a group of 3 groups to 2, after the tread run. Look for the wall or parallel bars, his hands held onto the body to the ground 45 - 60 degree angle, fast switching lift the leg and note the supporting leg must be straight, lift legs up as far as possible away. 3, varied pace. Straight at full speed, turn jogging or walking. 400 - 600 meters of a group of three. 4, sit-ups. No waist strength, Sprint surely run faster. 5, load run. Tied sandbags, full throttle 300 meters. 6, thigh positive side, after three of ligament tension. No flexibility is not OK!

Finally the process is running in your arm problems, before and after a substantial swing arm, swing arm when the hands to be able to bring forward the body, or arm and no effects.

As for the sit-ups, this simple, from the most basic of 20 started the day two, a week plus 5. Add up the truth you know. A week's training to rest a day.

Skipping is not difficult if there are two methods:

1, after school breaks can use this simple action toe pad to enhance the resilience and strength of the ankle joint, then that is a small jump, skipping motion simulation.

2, timed hop and skip counting. Time under 1 minute, or 200 number to practice

skipping the lashing mainly by wrist leg jump was mainly forefoot, not too high, can not bend the knee after takeoff.

My students can practice the results, I believe you are the same. I wish to obtain a good result!
Music Live Youyou2010-04-19 02:57:14 +0000 #3
wow sese - so be able to run a -! ! I remember how my last three days of the time also thought they ah every morning? Do not practiced, but oh - or to play a critical moment but not out -! I remember the teacher says the day before the examination can not take a bath, or loose the next day the body in particular -!

Refueling Oh - relax -
feixiangshixin2010-04-19 02:38:17 +0000 #4
Where are you, if we two in a place I can help you
10854902732010-04-19 03:19:41 +0000 #5
If you want to improve we must break through their limits, first pulling endurance, not fasting morning to go running, how many eat a little something, do not drink too much water (otherwise very easy to stitch), then is that if you test run 800M, you have to do to run their own 1600M, and especially to the last, must dash. In fact, people want progress, they must be feeling very uncomfortable, should be the only way it means you reached your limit, you want to progress, it must adhere to, force yourself to arm and endurance in extreme cases, breaking their own is the most tired, and that a period of time in fact at most 5 minutes, but you will feel good that paragraph as a few hours,

breathing in fact is secondary, as long as the steady running ahead, take a deep breath as Shen Hu, Te Bie is feeling better to sniff when stitch (the arms outstretched) and then force all the exhaled air to the lungs (and your arms hang naturally relaxed).

Again, if hi would like to progress, we must challenge their own limits and break through the limit, if you just can not do their homework, but no progress, ahead of all in vain, like do push-ups, you most can do 15, then 15, then you can do, 16 is difficult, but is the first 16 hours is when you progress, or even every day, exercise, and never failed to 100, as long as the constantly surpass themselves, and sports very easy to take a good workout out of it lord, beyond their own to overcome their own, very tired, but you can certainly get high marks.

I wish landlord pass the examination, take a good result, huh, huh.
Yin Qingfei2010-04-19 03:46:56 +0000 #6
200 米 this project has little to do with the physical quality of the general will of the better endurance performance improvement will be the key to good results in the last 100M insisted that the wound is not the last you like a continuous run of several 200M
forever Health Colombian2010-04-19 04:29:22 +0000 #7
Do not run, do not like a snowball getting bigger injuries

infirmary as soon as possible injury gave it a good run again

refueling Oh



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