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bule Maple Leaf2010-01-30 16:01:40 +0000 #1
I am a sports health, I had a school volleyball team, and practiced two years, volleyball, professional volleyball could test into the university, may be a month before the investigation stands, there is still 2 centimeters, the coach also felt quite a pity, I was transferred to a school body, who can be physical force in schools has not made me a little, my confidence is not to be attacked, and I had the school's volleyball team could be one of the best, but now ...... I School volleyball team practicing on the main one pass, and handball, so my shot is not bad, but I just ran 100 meters in 17 seconds, two leapfrog is also unsatisfactory, I would 800 still on the table, I did a month into the school physical team and what not as good as they are today, I find my coach says that she wants me to consider retirement, saying that I bad an outbreak of force, he allowed his men to have a sports It did not have before, how could I retire, in order to test volleyball professional examinations, I put most of my efforts have brought a volleyball practice, but now ...... I begged coach gave me a month's time, and if there is no improvement I retire, I have no other way out, and Culture lessons too bad, I only have a hard body of the scalp in school teams to practice, and the school's volleyball team certainly Buxing Liao, please prawns are help me, help me to develop explosive power training program, within a month I have to practice together, we must, thank you a

Friends of the fraternity Friends2010-01-30 16:17:37 +0000 #2
Actually, no need to develop explosive power training will succeed as long as confidence was also有空去看看Zheng He never had the ball can be kicked into the core of the national team
eye in the sky 112010-01-30 16:24:37 +0000 #3
1 sand with a calf tied to the month long-distance, insist on climbing exercise can improve explosive power.



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