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An essay on the tug of war contest

on Hanxing Princess2010-01-30 16:01:59 +0000 #1
write us losing
Kaiser-Lin Na2010-01-30 16:15:26 +0000 #2
Tuan Tuan years as the rapids, and constantly scour my memory, and many things are vague, but in my heart of hearts, there is one thing, has always been in my mind.

Remember that it was last year's fall, in the composition class, the teacher in order for us to exercise, and character cultivation, cultivate our observation, organized a tug of war contest.

The teacher is classified into two teams, one is the Tigers team, the other is the Eagle team. I was assigned to the Eagle team.

Two well-matched, refused to give the students one by one Yingzisashuang, heads held high, a game about to start a tit for tat.

With the teacher's whistle as the game started. Both players grip the rope, they one by one pedal forward, the body tilting backwards, desperately pulling the rope to their own direction. Rope while moving to the middle of red silk with a tiger teams, while they move to the Eagle team, refused to give ground. Two cheerleaders of the team members, but also unison cry, ever cheer for their team ominous. My hands are pulled red, can be a rope or not to move about, the two sides into a deadlock.

At this point, our team members one by one all Hong Leyan, some people face Biede red, and some people bare the teeth, Lie Zhaozui in Jiaojin, there are people with both hands tightly to the rope Maozulejin their direction of pull. Finally, our team has employed the full, with the cheerleading of the cry, a sudden shift in our red silk, we have the Eagle team won.

Later, our team make further progress of the two Councils consecutive win, we finally won.

The tug of war competition, so I understand the logic of unity is power, but also inspire me in the path of the future, we should foster confidence in overcoming difficulties, I will never forget this tug of war contest.

, One into the stadium, like a snake as a rope long Youcu You appear before our eyes, the middle rope tied a red scarf. The first students foot force off to the ground, his hands clenched the rope, eyes wide rounded, as if to say: I am not in the past, you took me not pull in the past.

Wednesday afternoon class II is the extra-curricular activities that day, Yang Guan bright, genial spring. The teacher took us to the playground activity, after several rounds of proposals that we, the teachers finally agreed to let the students in our class, and seven to the Games.

Blink of an eye, the teacher in our class chose 12 students are selected in the seven to 12 students, others are with Lala right, entered the stadium, like a snake as a rope appears Youcu You long In our eyes, the middle rope tied a red scarf.

"Steady!" Sports teacher issued a directive that all students stood in his place. "Ready, GO!" "Go, go, 66 classes, refueling!" We cry a class cheerleader energetically. Race team has employed full-body strength, desperately backward pull, one by one blushed. The first students foot force off to the ground, his hands clenched the rope, eyes wide rounded, as if to say: I am not in the past, you took me not pull in the past. Despite the hand-some pain, they still do not give up. Cheerleaders refueling their sound, as if there is a mysterious force, encouraging students to participate in the competition. "Come on, it came close, straining, but also almost point!" The players are encouraged to herself. "Oh, our class won! We won!" Instant, the whole class laughing. Some happy with each other high fives, and some cheered, some students have even embraced.

Then, the second game began, the students still immersive atmosphere of joy, because it is too excited about the mistakes in our class, and classmates like to vent a gas balloon, race team members gave a summary of because there was no concerted effort.

The third game started, the students learned the previous lessons, so students have to work together to make a fresh go, some of the students teeth tightly bunched, and some of the students body tilted back, and some students palms are sweaty. "One, two, one, two, one, two," The students remembered his mouth rhythms, little by little Move one. Xiao-Ming's face appeared in a pearls of sweat, it is also tired students sweat. Finally, we pulled up the rope, "said Jesus," we have won.

Back to the classroom the students radiant, still Shen invaded the fun atmosphere, two to one, seven to win our class. From this competition, we know, and what to do should work together to knot the same difficulties in order to win.



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