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50M solid throwing the ball and teaching

crazy diamond2010-04-19 05:10:02 +0000 #1
techniques the best way there is an additional 100 acute Screen good

but the quality should be accurate to

Thank you Gaoyao
mehhpx2010-04-19 05:25:34 +0000 #2 solid ball this is the complete instruction video =% B6% CC% C5% DC% CA% D3% C6% B5 & ct = 301989888 & rn = 20 & pn = 0 & db = 0 & s = 0 & fbl = 1024 E7% 9F% AD% E8% B7% 91 /

which is a sprint teaching video and game video.

Here to you about my own teaching methods and training methods to the students:

solid ball: The key is speed and parabolic shot, there is the power of the waist.

Action Tips: After the body down, then push with the leg drive after hip roof, the latter led directly to the back and shoulders top forward thrust, the wrist shot to move the ball by the moment. The instant the ball, you should feel your back and obviously felt in the shoulder joint, that is, through the back or waist, shoulder moment arm hair driving force pushing the ball above the syncline.

There is sure to pay attention to post-hip roof, and only after the top order to link up and down the edge.

You should note that the first moment the ball can not be lower, meaning that the upper body can not tilt down, there is the Angle can not be too small, generally are in over your head on the ball on a moment, you are still not high estimate is that you slow shot, there is the Angle is too small

you can sit-ups, 2, the push-ups, clapping push-ups and other methods to practice.

PS: the leg after kicking force waist top edge of shoulder and then led the force through the arm and wrist

50 meters need to strengthen the lower limb explosive power, enhance the waist (waist is the dominant power), arm strength. The same time, stride length and frequency must also have rigid increase.

You can try the following training methods: (must adhere to, systematic training)

1, touch chest jump. Open legs, and shoulder width. Then combined with the arm swing and pushing the body upward jump up. After the closing leg tuck jump, repeat the exercise. (Explosive force and lumbar abdominal strength exercises)

2, leapfrog. But not squat leapfrog, but squat leapfrog. Note to continuous jump in the middle do not stop. Jump to grasp the distance between yourself and not anxious. General 20 - 30 meters. (This is to enhance endurance and basic strength thigh)

3, jumping steps or stairs. At first you will feel fear, but as long as the jump you'll find after a return is not difficult. The best time to jump wearing a shin, carefully scratch the leg. (This can enhance the explosive thigh and calf of the projectile velocity)

4, after school breaks can take advantage of this simple action toe pad to enhance the resilience and strength of the ankle joint to 5, with high load and high-SLR SLR. Find a barbell or other weight-bearing things, high-speed lift the leg and increase the comprehensive ability of the thigh. As for the high leg lift on the need to elaborate. (This is to enhance endurance) 6, running back step - to find the wall or parallel bars, his hands held onto the body to the ground 45 - 60 degree angle, fast switching leg lift, pay attention to the supporting leg must be straight, lifting legs as much as possible going up. 7, load run. In school I used to pull the wheels running. Very painful, but very effective. 8, varied pace. Generally run to 600 meters or 800 meters. Straight at full speed, turn jogging or walking will do.

These are the overall quality of training of lower limbs. 50 meter dash should also pay attention to start, start the moment you raise the arm maximum energy efficiency, thereby stimulating the body move forward. Recommends starting the first 10 meters should not be too much pace, step frequency to play to the limit, the main focus for the ball of your foot, leg to take the initiative to step forward. Usually start 78 meters after a full upright.

Hope my method can be useful to you. I wish to achieve good results!
Food and Spirit2010-04-19 05:23:08 +0000 #3 This is the solid ball of video lectures and demonstrations. Speak great.

50M it? I'll tell you about it, 50M in three steps

1, start: more practice listening to the gun start.

2, after starting Accelerative Running: increase stride frequency, and frequency. Another one is to increase leg strength exercises great.

3, red line: This is also important to be interested in lean body red line, a lot of athletes in international competition is not entirely due to lose this game to be a.

Hope can help you



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