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Tibetan Mastiff barking How to Train

ssnkc2010-04-19 05:10:08 +0000 #1
I bought a red lion A, a month. A mother snow, father, Lion A, descent also are considered pure, do not know this little life growing up and how the Internet ------- There are many on the Tibetan Mastiff barking nuisance complaints, ask how Tibetan mastiff trained from childhood not barking
Sykera2010-04-19 05:22:51 +0000 #2
1 month?

I have inside to listen to the American Dog Trainers said.

Dogs are not known to want to first church it is called.

Mouth that call, something to stimulate it with the hand is called, it called when praised it for what it ate. Gradually learned to call it.

Learn to call, the call it quiet. If it is called, they ignore it, it saw the snacks in hand, but not to eat it. Ignore it, when it quietly, immediately said: quiet, then praise it, to the snacks.

I Su Mu, I did as I said this teaching, there were three larger.

My home dog against it with a spray bottle spray, lighters against it or against it blowing the ignition, it is called.

Hope to help you.



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