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How can people run faster

13popo132010-04-19 07:11:54 +0000 #1
there any way to make me run faster, primarily how to run when the leg does not make people tired, out of breath, can be accelerated.
2960564342010-04-19 07:17:44 +0000 #2
running training has four basic elements: endurance, strength, speed and rest.


If we run as a pyramid, once a year to two of the most advanced game as its top of the pyramid, endurance is based on the Taki tower. Runners on the pursuit of health, the tower base is of most interest to them. But for most of the runners, the tower base is the beginning and end of the scheme, there is no sound basis, greater strength and speed of the work force is impossible. Some of the runners often overlooked the plan which will enable us to run the affected adversely in fact, we can well to Shejiziji of running programs, especially in endurance training for the annual lay a good Jichu the time li.


with age, our physical and mental tolerance has dropped to as the edge of a cliff. Decrease in muscle protein with increasing age there is a typical disease. In the elderly, because of its decline in muscle strength and body to extreme weakness, falls and fractures are more common. The results show that: Strength training is also effective in reducing the frequency of the elderly fall and fracture.

No matter what age the runner, few people other than the effort to exercise the leg muscles. However, in daily training, regularly arrange a series of simple upper body strength exercises, will effectively increase the running capacity of trainers. Aims to improve the male basketball strength and endurance, and abdominal and back muscles. Through the rational use of arms, a runner's performance can be improved about 12%. Do not know the common use of arms very unfortunate runners, running the longer distance, the more tired arms. Arms can effectively maintain the pace because they like a metronome, like a rhythm to the rhythm of driving the legs.

Increased strength of the upper arm by a simple push-ups exercise. Not too fast when doing push-ups, and pay attention to the width of arms to strengthen the back, shoulder, arm strength, all of these parts in the final stage of long-distance race will play an important role. Do not do too much at once, just started 4 to 5 times you can, then, with the power to increase the number gradually increased. The advantage of doing push-ups with your own body weight to provide resistance, 3 without the need to invest in any facilities.

Running when the muscle is another important piece of abdominal muscle. Relaxation of abdominal weakness is your long distance training and competition, reducing the final stage of pace, chest narrow, the air volume delivered to the abdomen decreased. Furthermore, since the difference between abdominal muscle strength, may give the waist and abdominal muscles relatively trouble. The solution is planned and regularly do sit-ups. This exercise makes the back, waist, abdominal muscles will be trained. To strengthen the upper body strength into your day to day running and going, a simple step is to finish like to do after finishing a day Like the do it. Started doing 10 sit-ups, five push-ups and 20 dip, in two weeks to 12 sit-ups, push-ups 6 and 24 dip.

As much as possible to strengthen the power of running, once we have a certain endurance base, increase the pace The easiest way is to mountain running. Regular mountain run program will run a miraculous day, for Competition is a significant effect. Mountain runners ran legs enhance strength, enhance coordination of legs, but also enhance the coordination of the brain. Greater role in aged runners. At Stanford University's survey showed that: running hill bone density of elderly people than those who did not participate in training and to participate in the training of the elderly lack of stimulation is much greater.

For mountain running training can start slowly. First, run training in the mountains do not run a very steep hill. If you run a very steep hill, then, did the only thing that is mountain climbing. Ideal mountain run, a quarter-mile length of its mountain, the mountain slopes not too steep, so that both legs after exercise to the driving strength, not to make too much muscle tension. Second, try to do uphill running. Because when you do run down when facing the legs, ankles, knees and legs to increase the impact force (about 4 to 5 times the weight). And when you do run up the hill, the impact force will be much smaller, more conducive to strengthening the leg strength to help Achilles tendon stretching. To reduce the running time down the pace to run.

According to the results of other series of mountain running, the first week, running time; the second week, running twice. You plan to compete in the first 8-10 weeks, the mountain run effectively into your weekly high intensity training into. Repeat 1-2 times a week, so that mountain run daily, with regular moderate-intensity training accounts for medium-scale.

Speed in terms of a runner, there are many methods of speed training: to track and field, repeated a variety of short-distance running; do speed game; from the last to run down quickly; to participate in competitions . Speed training is possible on each person, on the role of older people more, because it is in maintaining the gait of Tong Shi, also maintained good in the biomechanics of the human body structure, Er the two will with age of growth has been Xiao Shi. Shall not ran many adults think they just adapt to daily 10-minute per mile pace of jogging, running, regardless of the strength and speed, this is not correct.

Increase speed by three methods:

⒈ increase in stride frequency

⒉ increase the pace

⒊ can increase the step frequency has increased stride

The first method is more desirable than the second, the increasing pace will resulting stride is too large, and thus will cause some biomechanical problems and sports injuries.

Speed training, especially in track and field speed training should be gradual (and painless) to improve the training of stride frequency and stride length. It is important to gradually increase. Speed training for track and field, feeling the pace of development is very important, but also provides an opportunity to improve running form.


running the four elements, many runners in the endurance training laid a good foundation. Some runners to the coordination of speed and endurance were very good. But few runners take seriously this important part of the rest. There is sufficient evidence that a break in the four basic elements are the most important factor. Running brought us many benefits, but these benefits are the price we paid for. This price is in the running in the muscle tissue within the body of the continuous destruction and restructuring of the iterative process. Endlessly will eventually lead to muscle damage running in the run, we believe that injury and excessive use of the same meaning. The muscle tissue at rest after a stronger than the original.

In order for us to stay healthy, free from damage, run better, the running time to follow some basic principles.

1. Less run a few days a week.

2. A week of training with some low intensity instead of 1 day or 2 days of running. If power cycling on aerobic, sweat training. 3. To walk into some of your training into 4. Race should be less. 5. In the game you do not have the mandate to prepare to maintain physical fitness, they should try to reduce the amount of exercise, maintain the achievements and uphold the lower training volume. 6. There are plans to carry out deep tissue massage. 7. To the same theory to your everyday life. We should study and work the same as learning to rest and relax the art, the art is worth pursuing. Creatively by learning to rest and relax, to restore our body and mind, become stronger.



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