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Sky City, Kawasaki-chi2010-01-30 17:01:41 +0000 #1
I was 16 years old, male, with a high one, like singing since childhood, and like to use falsetto singing, until junior high so to speak on behalf of sometimes falsetto, and later with the true sound of singing, but to enter Bianshen period, the sound are much lower, I would rather like to listen to Utada Hikaru's song, also love singing along, and his songs have a lot of treble, I do not go up when they sing falsetto on behalf of the day, sing a long time


1, with falsetto voice to sing right after changing the voice of an impact do

2, variable period of singing voice too much, now stop and still have time to do, and now seem to be on Voice Issue 3, singing too much, what is wrong?

4, right after the tone, range, etc. do affect
taymqi2010-01-30 17:06:16 +0000 #2
friend, you are not yet fully understand the real singing is to the pronunciation of science, so-called science is to have a correct pronunciation training, so that sends the sound is beautiful, pleasant, and the right vocal cord will not cause injury.

1, lip-synching will not distort their voices to affect the period (do not over-sing, because you do not receive special training, all too tired to sing lead vocal. But the real singing is to use gas to sing)

2, as pairs of range will not be affected, for sound, as long as no bad Kuwako will not affect

hope my answer help you
bojke2010-01-30 17:20:53 +0000 #3
1 I strongly disagree with the Canadian falsetto falsetto singing is not viable for you to use after Bianshen did not affect the period of

2 and distort their voices to sing but do not let my voice can also be injured in

3 to sing the right way is no bad way unless they are 4 and distort their voices do not understand a view is no voice from harm

to sum up the impact of other changes with the falsetto singing voice Do not be concerned about attention to voice a view like other injuries



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