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How to improve the 200-meter short-term rate of

asdqwe45672010-01-30 17:01:48 +0000 #1
I am a third-year students, there are 7 months or so in the exam, but also from the mock examinations 5 months or so, I had mid-term exam when measuring 200 meters, ran 28 seconds 60, However, when the failure of the school's athletic meet, I finish the 100 meters, and have a turn no power, power is still in very good shape, that is, power is not enough, vital capacity is only 2800 or so, may I ask how we can improve your endurance, speed, step vice, frequency, as well as ventilation, wear spiked shoes attention to detail 1.1-point method, steps, thank you (find one in Shunde Desheng, or inappropriate training methods I)
Wing logo2010-01-30 17:09:37 +0000 #2
more exercise a high leg lift
more milk and coffee polysaccharides2010-01-30 17:39:57 +0000 #3
strength is the foundation. Almost all of the competitive nature of sports are inseparable from the basic strength training. In the sprint strength training, teachers should practice a one-time strength (explosive) and a series of strength exercises (special forces capability) Organic combination of good. Strength training in the past, we used the means are more generally large weight, the weight of the absolute number of little strength training. Explosive development of this approach is better. However, in the sprint, we should attach importance to the special forces capabilities. Because the general strength training, weight, number of no more than 10 times. According to the project characteristics (sprint is a cyclical sport), if running 100 meters, at least need to use 45 steps to 48 steps or so (men), 200 meters even more numerous. Therefore, we sprint training process even more important is the continuing role of the power capacity of muscle, which is a special forces capability. Specific to the training methods and means can be used are: rubber kick, a high leg lift weight-bearing, 100

200 meters paragraphs stride jump and so on.

Speed capability is the core. The sprint, the last point of view is generally that speed training is the core. But I think that is the speed capabilities need to firmly grasp throughout the core. The so-called speed capabilities, that is, the ability to maintain speed, it now commonly referred to as speed endurance is different. Specifically in terms of training means the speed capacity refers to the maximum intensity, or are close to maximum strength to complete the paragraphs 100 to 200 meters run; it is characterized by duplication of a low frequency, intermittent longer time, a great strength. The speed endurance is slightly lower intensity (80%

90%) of 250

500 meters paragraphs running; Its characteristics are repeated more frequently require to run the average intensity, intermittent time relatively short. Some of the athletes after the process capability is not good, the result is that specific performance will not be a good result of the analysis is the athlete's stride frequency and wrong. But in fact very likely that the athlete within 50 meters of short-range good rhythm, the intensity is also high. Then, the athlete's absolute stride frequency should be good; only relative stride frequency is not good, that is his ability to keep pace not good enough. If the athlete through the targeted system training, speed, capacity has been improved, and he is still able to maintain his former half of the stride frequency and speed of the original; then his special achievements and wholly positive step-frequency indicators were tried on the corresponding .
Love forever 1232010-01-30 17:59:53 +0000 #4
Why 100-meter race did not finish the strength of it, because you do not have a good speed control. Do not stress, relax more, with an average distribution of your physical, to be uniform in front of 100 meters, 70% of the speed of play can be a ,100-150 m to accelerate to 90%, death-defying sprint the final 50 meters. Of course this is just strategy. To improve the speed endurance, or by the accumulation of normal, such as once every other day training, training content should be a combination of aerobic and anaerobic. For example the first warm-up run a 1,000 meters, and then every 30 seconds to run 200 meters, running 3 groups. Go home take a bath, rest, the training force, the body must be practiced. I believe after 5 months of your performance can have a qualitative leap.



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