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200 meters in training exam

dfff8405202010-04-19 09:10:31 +0000 #1
I am a good 200-meter sprint performance poor. All Aspects of Intellectual PE I usually run with sports experts are

Every time I tried my best. But only barely, and their speed of about 70 per cent weaker than the weak ..

I do not go out as often at home. so your body does not Zeyang. Although his height more than 1.79

always feel that they are not power

I wanted to test the city's best schools. is the physical delay the legs

can help me. I want to train at home. dumbbells at home only when

I will be at the training school.

morning is the morning the whole school training

Can anyone tell me how to do. at least I would like to raise to 28 seconds.


200 meters sprint training method is. the test is coming. there is a month of seeking ways .. ..


What kind of training will do. seek a!
CC Embassy Certification2010-04-19 09:26:19 +0000 #2
I former professional athletes, professional training in track and field for 11 years. I am full, do not agree with several others, said the training methods and means.

On this the shortest time possible, to improve the performance, then, need to strengthen the following:

First, pay close attention to the more physical practice, which can be completely at home, and abdominal muscles, back muscles and the like, such as overlooking starting to come forward, sit-ups, vertical-horizontal Dayton jump, push-ups and the like, in the home can do more, do more. Because you're taller, but the poor quality of physical strength, so you will become weak sense when the body run more contact they can be on your coordination, and overall strength have increased.

Second. Is explosive exercise, jogging at least once a day, every first and jogging 3 laps around and do muscle stretching, then do 50-100 meters Accelerative Running, running, after 5 times, run the corners 100 - 150 m speed and Accelerative Running, 2 or so lines. Can slowly want to add the number and speed, should be helpful ah.
Xingchi11112010-04-19 09:22:22 +0000 #3
If you say that there was training to 2000 meters, 200 meters, rely on natural explosive force! ! No matter how much training you can only raise up to 1 second! ! !



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