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50 m results

zx42323722010-01-30 17:02:06 +0000 #1
My high school physical training team, 50 meters in 5.5 seconds, nobody knows Who is properly under the
sonnyjs2010-01-30 17:07:16 +0000 #2
very strong, and after 50 meters are generally faster, which means you 100 m the slowest in 10 seconds 89 look. High School ah, the Chinese see the Wizards fragmentation. If this time really powerful and accurate, and you bar a few more tests, the best power timing
fuihu1822010-01-30 17:46:15 +0000 #3
You can coach to help you test and evaluation, personal achievement is not only finish the watch on to see out.

50 m 5.5, high school, you can participate in national competitions, as change is not able to practice 100-meter national team, coach depends on your evaluation, you may also be more suitable for 200 meters then.

According to experience, the 100 meters race in your test should be less than 10.8 seconds. Hu Kai, do you know? He was in high school is this result.
Star ☆ Dawn2010-01-30 18:23:21 +0000 #4
has been pretty good, if you want long-distance running, before the preservation of some physical, catch up from behind.
Getting to Russia 123,7892010-01-30 17:24:51 +0000 #5
daily jogging, exercising my body



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