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Physical Health and daily habits

ycx13672010-01-30 18:01:33 +0000 #1
Hello, everyone. I am a sports health.

I love the Internet. I ask.

1. In the Internet cafe to stay a long time will affect the strength do? Second-hand smoke quite serious.

2. Intercourse. Or masturbation . affect the physical strength do?

3. smoke affect lung capacity betel fruit do?

4. usually eat what is a physical good. such as fried foods. snack. cola ..

Overall usual impact on the physical need to pay attention, and hope that the older generation told me
Sea-phase2010-01-30 18:14:04 +0000 #2
I am also a physical health, personal rule of thumb recommends that:

1. second-hand smoke: a small cafe to go for good, definitely not smoke! Better to have fewer second-hand smoke encountered such a situation.

2. Sex: have an impact, the body will be weak. Once a week, of course, not the best! However, the appropriate relaxation is also nothing!

3. Betel fruit tobacco: also have an impact, especially the smoke!

4. Food: carbonated drinks a spermicide! Note that, after sexual intercourse and masturbation is best not to drink! Snacks may choose to eat, the increase in fat in general when the training will be consumed, but the premise is to eat less! Good for drinking due to the body to relieve fatigue, but not a lot!

Training End must be relaxed, otherwise, rigid muscles a long time, power will be reduced! And training the muscles of lactic acid produced can not be quickly dissipated the next day will be aching legs!

I study science, and this is something I really understand them in!
kaohaichao2010-01-30 18:20:36 +0000 #3
First, the Internet, will affect your energy! The body become soft, the next day can be good. Smoking! Can reduce lung capacity! Beer drink less able to remove lactic acid! Especially after the top-end strength! Snacks can not eat! Increasing body weight! Carbonated cola to grow bone age! Drink orange juice. Love ... ... a maximum of once a month! Masturbation ... a maximum of once a week. Can release the pressure. Note that each step on the evening to relax legs!



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