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How to train 100 meters 400 meters high jump and long jump?

427,701,8842010-01-30 18:02:10 +0000 #1
We are open games, I ran bad, and by many people in the back said, I think I was too ashamed, and I would like a year to 100 meters 400 meters high jump, long jump and acute parties can contribute, we are closed so I just read be able to come back at night, so nothing like running can only exception, and that older brothers and sisters tell me how to train under 100.400.'s high jump (high jump jump test may be back may also be cross-examination I'm not sure) and acute long jump. Thank you

Thank you, thanks for life.
247,943,8192010-01-30 18:05:01 +0000 #2
Hello, I think I can help you answer 100 meters practice, I was a national athlete, special 100 meters, auxiliary items 200M, 100 meters the main practice exercises the body's balance, instantaneous explosive force, leg muscle strength, waist and abdomen strength, 100 meters is an intense anaerobic exercise, If you want to run fast, it must be big stride, step frequency of fast, physical balance, practicing more than you can practice cross - run, youku found on specific actions of that explosive moment, you can practice loading run, and then you have thigh muscle exercises barbell squat, squat, lunge, step jump, climbing running, waist and abdomen are mainly sit-ups and push-ups, of course, 100M is also a need for endurance, and the playground you can straight buildup, bend trot, which can exercise your legs after the sour post-70M problem, running 100M should pay attention to adjust the breathing, so that took a deep slow - call, as 400 meters, I Meisha experience, also was unable to help you, with acute, long jump, the main strength is also a waist and legs, jumping ability, pay attention to the action, when vacant, vacant as far as possible when stretching the body, in order to heel landing .

Hope my answer help to you, a year such a practice should be substantially upgraded



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