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I am a fat man how to run a good 800 meters

Jet Black Lotus2010-01-30 19:01:16 +0000 #1
RT .. I am a fat one, freshman sports scores only 34 points, 800-meter run failure, may have to Gerry's 0 points less than the degree, I usually do not exercise, But I still decided to go make-up look, four days after the gym. Who can guide me how to run well under the 800 meters. I ran very slow because the hands and feet feel the muscles can not keep up, but to really breathe a breath, and not to the extent, however, I am able to talk. . Which guide me with. . Please do not laugh I was a fat man can not fully exercise would now like to take off the idea, and I just want to pass.
ZXJ Road2010-01-30 19:11:05 +0000 #2
I am also a fat, height 170, weight 85 kilograms. Quality Testing I 800-meter run 3 minutes 19 seconds, fat, but咱strong and powerful, the use of the power curve when the leg-step energetically hair force, to feel in the pedal bend, rather than running corner, arms must be put up the first lap can be a little bit slower, but turn must be made, and second lap to the last 200 to 300 meters must be sprint, in particular the bend must be firmly placed, the body tilt to the left. The more the end the more it must adhere to grit one's teeth. No examination before the last few days, first went to the playground to try, look for feel. See Am I right. Hehe ... refueling. I wish you the pass. (I am a judo player)
Li Bo-lin, lin2010-01-30 19:35:10 +0000 #3
I am a veteran. TU. How should I say

fat is not the so-called thing. But when you start to run slower 800. But the steps to enlarge. Widening.

you breathe not to an extreme to prove that you have a potential strength.

as long as you believe in themselves.

last sentence.

the final sprint, when the time to remember the legs Paobu Dong Meng arm. This is the secret!

Good luck. Accompany!
Well I Liao2010-01-30 19:21:11 +0000 #4
There are four days slowly increase the amount of exercise do not result in an exercise of excessive muscle ache too great and the energy diet attention to breathing while running to adjust uniform adjustment to the other depends on you myself that the most important thing is to insist it is insisted that when the exercise test must adhere to in the end I wish you success!
lby28267022010-01-30 20:55:43 +0000 #5
University also test how sports. . They have different individual physical condition Mody, understandably, 800 meters, mainly to adjust the breathing and pace, but in general very difficult to break. . If you just want to pass, then I quietly tell you that the teacher might as well go to the poor equipment, saying that like his bad heart, and the general physical education, few ever difficult to prevent. Mainly better attitude, sincere that teachers are not unhappy with you. .



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