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Problems running 1000 meters

tzw19932010-01-30 20:01:17 +0000 #1
1000 ran the first time today, finally stays down, or did not pass, more than 4.30, more than a few seconds to run, sweat, exhausted, and rerun also took the test before the rope, but also worn out rope, too bad, so after I finish the spit, and the next, then pay attention to what
Double pot, a bottle of Blue2010-01-30 20:13:12 +0000 #2
Male 1000, female 800! ! Regard the arrest of students in mid-ah! !

Latest is the fitness test, right? Work hard, worked hard!

Run 1000 no Su Chengfa, unless changed psychological state, Chong Chong Chong! But in general will be the collapse of a half-way, or step by step

Well! Ran 35 times a week. Every time it to see the situation bar, a small point of doing the warm-up run, and then a little quick, the speed must ensure that the finish within two minutes of 400 meters. Of course also a step by step.

See you say, the more a few seconds, indicating a good physical fitness is! In the future before the test, do strenuous exercise! Especially in the winter, too crazy, easily affect the heart and lung breathing! The next test, should be the next semester bar, temperature up, and the natural state that's pretty good!

Right, and know that test time, before the Do not eat too much! Can not eat! Otherwise, all having a hard time breathing a

note, pay attention to arm and pay attention to yourself plus fuel! Survive, "pole" is like a

another usual physical education, doing warm-up time, multi-point run, do not be lazy. Opportunity of talking to the teacher chat, good relations with his stopwatch is amazing. If the teacher is not necessarily a woman oh!
86,019,6892010-01-30 20:11:11 +0000 #3
attention to exercise every day, so that when the exam in order to calmly deal with
710,518,4332010-01-30 20:46:17 +0000 #4
normal to exercise more is for certain. Running properly before you can drink water, but do not eat too much stuff. Also, running 1,000 meters to a few is not difficult, first of all first lap steady running, the second lap due to physical reasons will certainly be tired, but Tingzhao, quite a 100,200 meters will gradually reduce. The last 100 meters sprint, the body should be forward, but also lower their center of gravity, so you will Fengpao due to inertia up. Do remember to wear thick running, do not wear trousers. Last time I ran down and worn out to wear trousers, but are difficult to lift knee to wear trousers. I hope you can pass `He He



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