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School athletic meets essay 300 words

215.52809 million2010-01-30 20:01:56 +0000 #1
Project are: jogging, rope skipping, relay, investment and solid ball
c123892010-01-30 20:05:46 +0000 #2
fun athletic meets

Today, our school held its annual athletic meets. The students back to school early in the morning, 8:15, class lined up on the big playground, the opening ceremony began with a neat row of each class team approach, and all classes through the rostrum and shouted loudly things themselves Ban's slogan for their own classes to increase "morale"

After the opening ceremony, student representatives, referees on behalf of office sworn oath finished after Kongjiao Zhang gave an order, athletic meets started.

The afternoon's first game after the end of 4 × 100 meter, you have my turn to participate in a 12 × 50-meter relay, and I and another 11 students came to check in at check in, but we are enjoying the cool shade happened ------ We have previously used to take away from the baton of sandbags have been changed.

After a while children play started, the first rods Jiangwan Yi washed out to pass the baton to the Li Hongyi, who immediately ran to the mad, like the Mustang out. After a while, and I fell on the baton relay Li Xueying hands, he flew ran out, he approaching, he was not there to stick handed out, is still red, he suddenly rushed behind me, only then baton to me. At the end of a stick ------ Zhang GL, he throw off his arms, stride well on its way forward setting, although the distance slowly getting shorter, but because of the mistakes they still just do not get the first. However, our class when the school first points.

The school athletic meets will be really interesting.
12,589,8652010-01-30 20:51:32 +0000 #3
halo, so that also asked



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