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Run 800 meters on the question of endurance and speed up

Xiao-Qing ccy032010-01-30 21:01:54 +0000 #1
Games next week, I reported that the 800-meter

these days there are practicing

results are in about four minutes just

I have often been in the final super-
in fact, we are also aware of the need speed

but any increase in time to catch up with the unpleasant fear

went to the third round completely exhausted (the most tough)

own feelings, the rhythm is not very right

our school's field is more than 100 meters lap He walked four laps and a half

I belong to the type of fat the best results also three points more than 50

want to ask how to increase the final speed up the good points

last bit can not find the kind of feet running their own rhythm (that is what the second time time to breathe)
yangmingdtc2010-01-30 21:06:14 +0000 #2
First female to run this result should not be regarded as fast yet to be improved

previous three times we must readjust the pace of breathing and breath to follow the pace of the turn of a foot or so and then aspirated alternating cycle of a breath so the last breath will increase but not fast or else we must follow the pace will feel very tough

the final sprint, when to accelerate the pace of breathing at the same time to speed up your arms to swing such a force can more easily make their own speed

the most important thing is the running time to have a confident belief that can support you run down

I hope you can improve to around 3 minutes 40
935,468,9372010-01-30 21:17:51 +0000 #3
every day after school counting laps around the school grounds (every day you run 5 laps persist for some time on the line a) I am a junior high school students to run five laps each day Hei hei a circle 400 meters



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