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I am a sport with me 50 meters in 100 meters ahead of others, but later on the left behind where I s

Kazakhstan 182010-01-30 21:02:00 +0000 #1

746,479,0772010-01-30 21:09:34 +0000 #2
endurance is not enough, multi-practice very endurance, such as: a, run 12000 (400-meter playground running 30 laps in front of buildup with the steady running the last lap, relax muscles after finish) 2, varied pace 400 meters * 20 laps straight fast bend slow \ straights and slow corners fast lap of all 10 3,400 * 6

These could sprint for a bit difficult, but take your time, your process will necessarily be improved after the!
elvaszx2010-01-30 21:36:48 +0000 #3
I have also experienced similar problems, my suggestion is to remind yourself to run when the pace of Energizer across large, hey, I tried to have some effect

This is my personal recommendation ah, can not scold me
the glory of Elvis2010-01-30 21:41:00 +0000 #4
endurance and physical fitness. .
zoubailin02010-01-30 21:52:10 +0000 #5
more run 30 meters
Eation11072010-01-30 23:12:39 +0000 #6
days outside the Star 9872010-01-30 21:59:56 +0000 #7
physical side and endurance



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