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My 14-year-old how to improve running speed?

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My 14-year-old to run 100 meters was 1 minute 39,1000 m is 4 minutes and 40, I have a football game three days later, the speed faster, the better, the word the better!
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I love playing football, playing with a forget a regressive -

race is long, and to improve the speed may be useful middle-distance race

These are found everywhere online, and to see if useful do.

(Look for these quite hard, and more dotted bar - and oh, kicking punctuality!)

Long-distance pay attention to the process in the running to be uniform. Under normal circumstances the best scores are steady running but we do not look at the last hub. According to their level of training and the race start, we need to dash about, panic, red tens of meters will be to slow down. Then, to maintain their pace, it is best to follow the run, that is, to keep up with a less the same level with its own people. Note breathing, a call should be three steps, three steps a smoke. Is the running three one-step forward has been to maintain suction, pitted three single-step, has been breath. If shortness of breath, can not do, they call into a two-step two-step a smoke. Note: Do not copies mouth too much, otherwise, into the air-conditioning would be sick. If it is 400 meters standard venues, that is, two and a half laps in the final 200 meters when the exhaustion of body strength, proceeding forward, when you can big mouth breathing, until the checkered flag. Certainly be able to get good results.

According to your ability, should use uniform run tactics: In addition to the starting line to run after the buildup and the final sprint, the way is basically a higher rate of steady running. Breathing middle-distance process, the human consumption of large energy, the oxygen requirements are also large, therefore, to master the correct breathing method is very important. 1: peacetime training, the running time to take a deep breath and made me very tired, is not long-distance running can not take a deep breath?

Middle-distance race on the way, in order to increase the volume of pulmonary ventilation, breathing nose and mouth at the same time when the use of breathing methods. Rhythmic breathing and running rhythms should be matched, the general two-step one call, a two-step absorption, or three steps a call, a three-step absorption. Breathing should pay attention to increase the depth of breathing.

2: The game I will be very nervous, the beating heart has been non-stop, how should I do?

This is a normal phenomenon. Description of your heart function is good, is oxygen and energy.

, 4: peacetime training always ran 600 meters I want to give up, because the tired, pole "and" Second Breath "middle-distance race, due to the supply of oxygen to behind the body needs, go to a certain distance, there will be chest hair nausea, breathing rhythm is damaged, breathing difficulties, limb weakness and difficult to run again feelings go. This phenomenon is called pole. " This is a middle-distance in the normal. When the "pole" appears, we should take a strong will to continue to run down, while strengthening breathing, adjust the pace. In this way, after some distance, the breathing becomes uniform, action, again I felt very relaxed, all discomfort disappeared, this is the so-called state of the second breath. In the middle-distance movement, more a result of inadequate preparations, prone to abdominal pain, mainly caused by gastrointestinal spasm, this time the students must not be nervous, can hand hold the site of pain, slow down Paosu, do a few deep breaths adhere to a period of time, the pain will disappear.

3: how to play their best strength?

Used to follow the run tactics: After departure, always follow the leader or a small group behind, and strive to exceed competitors in the final sprint stage, took the lead through the finish.

Still running Action: It should be noted is that running be sure to relax and co-ordination. This requires the establishment of the correct action based on the application of the foot-wide feet touch the ground, knees, feet cushion the transition to the pre-tread ground. Relaxed upper body upright, his arms swing naturally strong.

Also in a few suggestions:

First of all, before the game, "from today to three days before the game," eat or not eat sugary foods to eat before the game began three days of high pond foods, race day to eat Bacheng saturation, better digestion, before the game 30 - 40 minutes by drinking water concentration of 40% glucose 200ML. In addition to eat three vitamin C. Do not eat chocolate.

2, do a good job of warming-up before exercise. Athletics is very likely to cause muscle, joint and ligament injuries, in particular, more opportunities to lower limb injuries. The only way to prevent the warm-up. Warming-up the more adequate the less vulnerable to injuries. Could be jogging on the basis of shoulder, elbow, Beiyao muscles, legs and knee-ankle-joints and other parts of their activities, strengthen muscles ligament strength, and raising the body's sensitivity and coordination in order to prevent injury, you can enhance athletic performance .

4, movement or before the game, students should pay attention to maintaining a good sleep and physical savings, should be controlled before the game too much eating and drinking, but not allowed to drink.

5, exercise or competition, they should do a good job relaxing activities, so as to regain their strength and muscle strength. The method is to relax the body parts of jitter, beat, double co-operation of mutual massage.

6. Such as heat when the body off a jacket, long-distance running should be immediately put on after the coat to prevent colds. When long-distance running footwear should be worn soft and feet.

Do not let down our hopes and strive to take first place.

Long-distance running is an activity a large amount of long-lasting movement. Long-distance running, because of intense muscle activity, the need of oxygen increase, so the respiratory rate must be greatly accelerated, in this case, if the means to acquire breathing incorrectly can not be better to promote the body's gas exchange and blood circulation, it will premature fatigue, difficult to finish the longer distance. In some cases, also cause respiratory irritation, sore throat or cough.

So, how does breathing in the interest of fitness? Some people say that should be used nasal breathing, which can not mouth breathing; Some people say that nasal breathing is not enough light, had to use mouth breathing, so that nose and mouth and use Caixing. Both stories have some truth, but depends on what stage in the long-distance running applications, depends on the speed of running speed.

In general, the start of long-distance running or running very slowly, especially when practiced in the winter, when long-distance running, or running against the wind, should be used nasal breathing. Because the nasal cavity is rich in blood vessels, can raise the temperature by some of the air; nasal secretion of fluid, can increase the humidity through the air; Hanage and nasal secretion of fluid, but also to block, remove dust and bacteria, on the respiratory tract have certain protective effect. With mouth breathing, although they would more than inhale more air, but the cold air poured into the trachea and throat easily lead to cough, bronchitis, abdominal pain. Mouth breathing in the air will direct inhalation of dust and bacteria inside the body, so also is likely to cause other diseases.

However, ran after a certain distance or Paosu accelerated, especially in the long-distance competition, the ventilation volume per unit time than the quiet times when the increase to several times, only nose breathing can not meet the needs, suffocating uncomfortable , we must add a catchy breathing.

Nose and mouth and use, to pay attention to is not Da mouth breathing, but should call the nose suction, only mouth to breath. I call the method are: mouth slightly open, light grit one's teeth, tongue rolled up, a slight lick live palate, so that air from the teeth crowding out. Breathing, pay attention to achieve uniform and have a rhythm. Shortness of breath should be strong, there is an appropriate depth; inhale slowly Yunhe.

Breathing and footwork should be close cooperation to better meet the body's oxygen needs, running up and will feel light and natural. With the method, should be a two-step a call, and then a two-step absorption; or three steps a call, and then three steps a smoke. Buildup or competition for terminal half-way sprint, the breathing depth and rhythm, the pace can be accelerated with the corresponding to deepen and speed up.

I have a long-distance running well, here is my strategy:

1, to do some warming-up, heat a warm-up, it is very important. You can also drink a number of glucose (which is a good strategy, even though I have not tried, but I believe you improve the performance of certain assistance).

2, not nervous, because the stress caused by heart will let you run up too quickly after the breathing rhythm disorder, affecting performance.

3, starting later, followed by large forces to run as much as possible before running in a little place, but do not lead, do not be left behind in order to save strength, would be very difficult to catch up later. Best to bring a gain on your companion with the slightly faster running, and do their best, he followed (once the school 1500 meter race, I and three other individuals in our class together to a certain formation run, the results of 70 games , we have entered the top ten, I ran the fifth).

4, run when the rhythm is very important not to fast while slow for a while. Control of breathing, so that breathing evenly. Steps step larger. As far as possible in the whole process has been running to keep running the same speed (I run 1500 meters is basically the time spent to run 1,000 meters time 3/2 used, that is, in the running process, simply because, when the distance increases and the average speed of slow down), good rhythm will make you feel more relaxed when in the long-distance race.

5, to the last 100 meters, or tens of meters, you can sprint, this is not contradictory with the previous one, because this is the most crucial time. If there is no effort to sprint, then keep the original speed, adhere to the finish.

6, do not immediately stop and finish the rest, especially not immediately lie down or sit down. After the race, the human body from top to bottom have been activities in all parts of the body should be gradually relaxed, we recommend walking a few hundred meters after the finish, after the body completely relaxed, we'll do some of whatever the waist, abdomen, legs, arms activities.

7, In addition, the game wearing some light running shoe, best not to wear basketball shoes or Skateboard, not all of the sports shoes are suitable for participation in long-distance running, but best not to wear new shoes, the most appropriate to wear Over time, fit but not too worn out running shoes (long-distance running and sprinting is different from the first to use heels touch the ground, so do not wear spiked shoes).

If you have physical bad, it should adhere to exercise, adhere to a daily run to several kilometers, adding that adequate nutrition, to improve their cardiovascular system. One of my classmates every day training, 800 meters into a good result from the failure. Of test results, it can not afraid of hardship.

1. Strengthening of technical training

in the middle-distance running and long-distance running in the technical focus is to develop speed endurance athletes, mainly long-distance race to develop the endurance-based sport. For athletes to be able in a relatively long period of time, finish the race at higher speeds. Thus, in addition to developing organism function skills, proficiency and reasonable, the right middle-distance technology is very important.
;;;; Of modern middle-distance technique is characterized by a positive pre-swing the legs and the ground can not stress fully straighten the knee after the tread, tread placed emphasis on the cooperation and appropriate step length, stride frequency fast. Action effort, focus on smooth, straight, good speed.

With plastic track the emergence of a new space technology, the development of endurance running. One is to take full advantage of the flexibility of the plastic track, is more active before the pendulum swinging leg after Pa aggressive post-tread time shorter; improved tread to energy efficiency; second race pace, with the constant improvement of action rate gradually accelerate and shorten the time after the tread, so that the interval between vacated and the support has also become shorter.

Modern middle-distance technology is at a reasonable, economical, effective on the basis of three characteristics, developed into a high-speed, high-frequency, savings-oriented, stable center of gravity, movement of natural, relaxed labor-saving technology. This is also the middle-distance technology development.

1. In light of the purpose of the different characteristics of middle-distance race, with targeted training. For example, the technical characteristics of middle-distance runners are: to maintain the appropriate step length and stride frequency context, emphasizing the rhythm of running; long-distance running and ultra-long-distance runners of the technical features are: have a good rhythm with the appropriate steps, based on the focus on improving the stride frequency.

2. In technical training, should lose no time in tips and induced athletes to master the correct action essentials to inspire the athletes thinking skills, improve understanding of technology players and imagination, brought the technology to ease coordination, rapid labor-saving requirements.
;;;; 3. According to athlete's personal characteristics and needs of future development, design suitable for its own step length and stride frequency and rhythm, the formation of the individual technical style.
;;;; 4. Improve technical training, moderate intensity should be used until the mastery of technology and then be reinforced by high-intensity training.
;;;; 5. In technical training, should pay attention to breathing rhythm training.

6. Technical training should be run through a variety of exercises themselves, especially in full-year preparation period and the basic training period should be to enhance the training.

2. Technical training to overcome the difficulties middle-distance race
;;;; middle-distance technical training difficulties following main features: it ran into a soft cushion in a smooth manner, frog is placed with the coordination and the ability to increase the magnitude of muscle joints forward, in addition, fatigue state, in particular, its ability to remain after the process stage of technology is not deformed, and even be able to do to maintain and improve the frequency step size.
;;;;; (A) the land buffer technology
;;;; forward to the buffer before the pedal to minimize resistance to the ground when the lower limbs of the muscle contraction should be carried out concessions to reduce the resistance before the tread. After the body center of gravity forward to moving down at the same time to move forward. This is a way to cushion the technical difficulties. Most often when the athlete touched the ground before the tread to reduce resistance to small, buffering the body center of gravity down and not move forward, and even a "sitting run" the body center of gravity to stay behind. This will tread more difficult stretch hip. Therefore stressed the land and sleek soft cushioning technology for a good stretch of the tread to create favorable conditions.
;;;;; (B) tread technology placed hip
;;;; tread stretched to emphasize from the hip, knee, ankle, toe hair from top to bottom edge, so that a more fully extend the joints, support counter - power to a large extent on the role of the hip, and the body center of gravity forward. In the tread is also the extension of the pendulum swing before the start of folding legs, frog put coordination played hip forward traction effect. Increase the magnitude of the body center of gravity forward step length both increase, but also speed up the stride frequency, reducing the body center of gravity up and down. Pedal should be strong,Put to rapidly in order to achieve the purpose of improving Pao Su.
;;;;; (C) maintain and give full play to the right process technology
;;;; middle-distance post-process, the body has a position of considerable fatigue, athletes should not only maintain the right technology to maintain Pao Su. This is indeed very difficult. Under these conditions, a large number of in vivo accumulation of lactic acid, oxygen debt increases, this time the brain's awareness of the importance of the right technology, in accordance with the right technology awareness, enhance muscle contraction strength and speed, increased trunk forward, strengthen the tread with the pendulum, the swing amplitude increased upper limb post-process technology moves to promote the same type, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of post-process technology.

(D) breathing method

master the breathing method and breathing rhythm and close coordination with the rhythm of running it is very important. Generally shared approach to nose and mouth breathing, pay attention to the natural breathing, breath a little harder, breathing frequency and running speed is proportional to ensure that the depth of breathing.


cultivate a good sense of rhythm, tempo running is an important part of endurance run training. As the distance of endurance running different, should be based on different projects to determine the rhythm at different speeds and movements. Usually in step a stable situation, while fast-paced speed. Consequently, according to different projects, controlling a good first step length and the rhythm can be reasonably assigned to run full strength, improve endurance run effects, in order to get the best energy savings.

(6) the ability to relax;

relaxed ability to master the technology, the most critical factor in middle-distance race. Because the characteristics of long distance movements required to run a natural, coordination, effort and relaxation, in order to effectively play the effectiveness of technology and economy, thereby enhancing the movement of middle-distance performance.

3. Middle-distance technical training methods and means
;;;; (1);; middle-distance technical training methods
;;;; While the technical structure of middle-distance relatively simple, but the type of technology is the everyday life of athletes formed to improve wrong technical movement than to learn a new technology moves much more difficult. Therefore, technology should be based on the formation of middle-distance and change the internal rules and characteristics of middle-distance scientifically arrange technical training.
;;;;; 1. Middle-distance race of the technical training should be based on a complete technology-based
;;;; middle-distance technology due to simple structure, relatively low intensity, sports a long time. This is for athletes to improve certain aspects of the movement to create the conditions. Therefore, first of all athletes should be allowed to establish a correct and complete technical concepts, understanding of their technical movements shortcomings. Second, in training, should be repeatedly pointed out that athletes have to be to correct a wrong action, causing athletes pay attention, so as to receive good results; in training practice, and sometimes a little neglect or fail to remind, the original error action will there, which needs to continue to strengthen until the improvements so far.
;;;;; 2. Use of assisted practice means, with emphasis on technical difficulty, correct mistakes and move
;;;; in technical training, for some wrong action, should practice using specialized tools and decomposition of practice exercises and auxiliary means of improvement. Such as the swinging leg in order to eliminate errors in a tight folding techniques, you can run bare hands folded, after practice, but also increase resistance to folding kick specialized exercises, done immediately after the combination of these exercises to complete the technology to go. This kind of decomposition exercises, or complementary practice to switch to a full technical training by way of the technical training practice will receive good results. ;;
;;;; (B);; middle-distance means of technical training
;;;; 1. A land buffer technology training;;;;;
;;;; (1) The transition from the former foot toe and from heel to toe transition of the Man Buzou scroll and then the fast walking, and exercise 20-40 meters.
;;;; (2) take small steps to run the buildup before the feet roll exercises 20-40 meters.
;;;; (3) Scroll to the front foot heel of fast walking, and then climbing the same as the way of the buildup exercises 30-60 meters.
;;;; (4) Small increase wheel running fast then practice under the pressure buildup 30-60 meters.
;;;; (5) feet forward in the buffer before use scroll to the toes and feet followed by rolling to the toe to cushion the buildup practice

60-150 meters.
;;;; 2. Tread extension skills training,
;;;; (1) hand on the railing to do leg stretching exercises supported by a top-down tread.
;;;; (2) Low center of gravity lunge 30-60 m is getting under way.
;;;; (3) Low center of gravity of the practice after the tread running 60-150 meters. ;;;;
;;;; (4) Back Step Back Step Running Exercises buildup then ran 30-60 meters and 60-100 meters buildup.

(5) Single foot jump stride jump and then the buildup practice 60-120 meters.

(6) ran the complete process, for rapid and effective tread 60-150 meters stretching exercises and gradually increase the distance learning training
. ;;
;;;; 3. Folding before the pendulum skills training
;;; (1) leg support, legs straight swing exercises to do before folding.
;;; (2) Central-speed into the fast-folding running 30-60 meters. ;;;;;
;;; (3) Rapid transfer of people running Folding Folding ran 30-60 meters high leg lift.

(4) The collapse of high leg lift to run then fold buildup 60-120 meters.

(3);; middle-distance specialized technical training exercises;

1.; Standing arm exercise: front and rear legs, opened the trunk of natural integrity, size, arm QU Cheng-90 degrees, hand of the fist half, both sides of the front and rear swing arm. Placed slightly before the period of not more than the body midline; backswing slightly outward, the hand placed to the hip.

2. In-situ arm exercises with waist hip: In-situ arm exercises with waist hip rotation, waist hip along the vertical axis to reverse the body, left arm backwards, the left hip forward in the rotation, the opposite side into a natural anti - to the movement.

3. Small step in running exercises: upper body posture and arm movements in situ the same leg slightly lifted about 45 degrees, then under the pressure, the bottom of leg swing forward naturally straight, feet rapidly back pawing palm, with the center of gravity forward to actively extend the ankle joint, from the ground before the foot pedal. Pay attention to maintaining a high center of gravity and hip extension. ;

4. Take the high leg lift exercises: upper body posture and arm movements in situ the same as the level of the hip with the thigh, calf naturally drooping, legs stretched pedal fully, pay attention to coordination of arms and legs.

5. A high leg lift exercises run: upper body posture and arm movements in situ the same as the transition from high leg lift to go to a high leg lift to run, pay attention to the continuous movement and rhythm.

6. Wheel running exercise: legs, put the exchange pedal fully folded quickly whip swing, swing leg swing to the horizontal, the leg from the thigh whipping motion driven to do the former, after a positive Bazhe feet, the legs stretched full tread. Note that a positive swing with arms.

7. After the tread running practice: when the pedal legs after hip, knee, ankle forced to fully stretch to tread the toes off the ground. Tui Quxi swing swing forward into the level of the natural sagging leg. Note that swing with the legs of the tread.
;;;; 8. Folding running exercises: swinging leg big positive folding legs, thighs before the pendulum, inertia cis folding legs, feet close to buttocks, upper body upright, with arms swinging. Note that stride is small, the frequency fast
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Exercise A leg muscles
myc838112382010-01-30 21:29:21 +0000 #4
waist quite straight-leg raising increased wingspan is mainly to adjust breathing
nihao2530882010-01-30 21:28:10 +0000 #5
want to train legs and feet, if there is perseverance also are not afraid of hard, is not difficult to The. The most effective way to improve in the legs stretched sandbags, and it's a good way to crash. In addition to sleeping and bathing sandbags outside if you do wear one all day, so be in time, definitely not a small achievement.



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